A quick Update on Hive-Engine Trading Integration

8 months ago


A few of you found and read my previous post about making SMOKE tradeable on Hive-Engine.com, a side-chain of Hive.

~Would you use Hive-Engine/Steem-Engine for buying and selling Smoke?

The response was so good that I decided to start looking at the various tools available for this, and with previous experience I felt confident that it wouldn't be to difficult.

Current Progress

The current status is that most of the required code to make this possible is now completed. The required accounts are also created, together with the asset on Hive-Engine.

~ Take a Sneak Peak on Hive-Engine SMOKE Market

Right now I'm finishing up with a few minor things that needs to be fixed before we can get things going, but it will not be long before that.

Look out for more updates

Once we're ready to start moving assets to Hive-Engine there will be detailed posts on how to do this. Untill then, just hang tight :)


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Epic work. Thanks for this


ePiC wOrK.

Spoken like a true fucking retard. LOL!


He wrote a simple code to check jsons on the STEEM blockchain, for transfers on the SIDECHAIN where TOKENS exist, not actual crypto, so that he could give you tokens for your steem/hive. Cool. Not hard, not epic, not a lot of work at all.

As I said below. Those of us who've known how to do this, have not. It is a waste of fucking time, as they are tokens on a sidechain and centralized by a handful of people. Pathetic that you morons trust this lightly. Maybe I'll develop something just so that you retards will throw steem/hive/smoke at the "new person developing" for smoke, by creating simple tools that you'll obviously eat up because you're fucking dumb. LOL

Good stuff man :)

Wonderful work. I think this will bring more light on Smoke as a whole!


No one from steem/hive is unaware of smoke. In fact, most that came from there, have left it to go back. They see the shitshow and centralization of the smoke team's holdings and it's no different than steem was. Hive removed the ghost mined stake and that's what we should ultimately do here to the smoke team's stake. Do you think they left steem and removed that stake, just to want to come back to another place with that ghost mined stake active? Under the same claims of "development" and "funding projects for the chain" you know, that same old dog and pony show? Same old song and dance? This is steem 2.0. This smoke team doesn't deserve a fucking thing after the incompetence and arrogance they've continually exhibited. They deserve their stake removed and balance restored to the blockchain. People from hive who are true blockchain devs, aren't here for a reason. Those who DID come, left. We were left with people like you and shitstain and unnamed and god knows who else assuming you aren't all just the same ugly fuck, which left us with nothing worth a fuck in development or progress. I'm in the same boat as the Hive devs, I'm waiting it out tho so I have not left, yet. I saw potential here, still do. I also see a lot of retarded bullshit going on. This being one of the retarded ideas. You people are fucking DENSE. LOL

Am anxious about the process... good job!

Thank you for the information.

Fantastic news! Now if someone could explain to those of us that have no clue 🤣🙉🤯... I am invested in a few crypto but on bigger exchanges.


Will be more posts on how all this works :)


I'm sure there will. How else would you soak up these nice big votes you're getting?! LOL! Don't worry, when you start dumping more heavily thru this or alts, I'll be there to eat it up for cheap. The tables will turn in time, don't you worry. Every day just about, people sell me thousands of smoke. ;-) They have no idea of the calm before the coming storm. LOL

I will have a deposit of both hive & smoke ready 👍


Good! You better! ;-) Incoming ponzi! Once the steem/hive is transferred, can't get it back. There's no smoke to back this trading from this dude, so how do you figure this is going to work? LOL. Also, "startail" the account of the person who wrote a script to just vote on every single post just about, spam or not, plagiarized or not, who's never cared to actually engage on any measurable level, and obviously doesn't give a shit about anything but earnings. This wreaks of ponzi to me, but hey, please do send your smoke and hive! If it is, you'll learn a hard lesson. LOL


Only way it's gonna be able to have smoke to trade with is if he's an alt, which is actually very very likely. I wouldn't trust any piece of shit who has to hide his alts tho. Probably just "unnamed" lol. Saw that dipshit trying to figure out how to hide IP or some shit, so it makes sense that some sack of shit aiming at scamming, would do that.

This is gonna be fucking hilarious. LOL! The idea that he'll be collecting fees as opposed to someone else in this community is a fucking joke to me too. Not hard to set something like that up, just, those of us with the technical know-how AREN'T doing it, because it's a waste of fucking time to anyone with a fucking brain, who doesn't intend on scamming.

Would rather take the 1k smoke hit for withdrawals on rudex than trust this. LOL. What a fucking joke.

How about you develop a smoke to USD portal? Or are you too fucking stupid/scared to do so? That would require you reveal your identity at the very least to banks/financial institutions. I'd trust buying from you a hell of a lot more that way. You being some random fuck tho, who's never cared about this place, only set up and auto-voting script to vote on every single fucking shitpost and everything in between, makes your word and bond worth dog shit. The fact that these dipshits trust you so blindly, just further proves their low fucking IQ existences. These people are too god damn dumb to see the real implications.

If you were to create a smoke/USD portal, not only would we be doing better than steem and hive, we would be seeing massive amounts of people converting to SMOKE, to convert to other crypto, because SMOKE has a DIRECT USD/SMOKE pair. Not that USDT retard shit either, ACTUAL USD. Paypal, bank transfers, venmo, cashapp, real USD, real shit. No middle man retardation.

THEN, we will have something worth a fuck. Until then, you're just asking us to trust some fucking nobody who's never been worth a fuck, to accept TOKENS and give him real CRYPTO in the hopes that he'll honor that and send the actual crypto in place of the TOKENS people will be buying from him.

What a fucking joke. lol. Go the USD route and we will be the top chain in txs around and people will flood here to make accounts. Til then, you're retarded.


Now, in addition to trusting hive-engine and the centralized small group that runs it to actually honor my hive/steem/whatever, we have to trust you as well, that you'll honor your TOKEN. It's just a fucking joke honestly. :-) A fucking hilarious one. Like most of the people here's lives!