Smoke Coin Holding its own as other social media coins crash

2 years ago

Smoke coins are holding the line at $0.040 as other social media coins including Golos and Scorum drop.

Smoke coin has held its marketcap around $900k, while Golos and Scorum have fallen below $500k.

How has Smoke survived so well?  Is it rewards management or something more?  What is your take?

Information from Coinmarketcap.c

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Those metrics are unfortunately incorrect.

For some reason coinmarketcap isn't reading the price properly. It's currently trading for 0.23 BTS/SMOKE and BTS is currently worth $0.07. Making SMOKE worth $0.016

I can't log in to rudex since yesterday. But this price seems wrong. Should be around 0.020 USD. But I honestly don't know. @maryjane? Can you enlighten us?