Smoke Chain 1 Year Birthday Update

2 years ago

It has been a long year and we are constantly taken aback by the thriving community that has developed around the Smoke chain.

Celebrating our first birthday of many to come we wanted to take this opportunity to give the community an update on what we have been working on and the current status of Smoke.

Current Users has grown steadily over the past year and we are happy to report that we are now averaging over 19000 active users a month according to Google Analytics.

In addition, over 50% of our users are from the USA, showing a high demand from legal cannabis users in one of the leading countries in the global cannabis movement.

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 21.20.03.png

We are happy with these numbers coming from a relatively new cryptocurrency project, especially considering the state of altcoins in general and the slow year for most ICO projects, with the majority of ICO projects, especially in the cannabis niche, having either gonna belly up or still have no product to show.

We are extremely proud of our community and everyone who makes Smoke the blockchain it is today and for helping spread the word of what we are doing!

Project Blockers

The largest blocker for the Smoke team thus far has been getting listed on a large exchange. With most large exchanges either overcharging (some in the millions of dollars) for a listing or being pumped so full of fake volume to make them irrelevant, finding a trustworthy exchange that sees the value in Smoke as well as providing value for smoke has proven a larger challenge than initially anticipated.

This is in part due to the legal status of cannabis in some countries (Asia specifically) and also a bias towards projects that raised less than millions of dollars.

The irony is that many of these projects don’t have working products or any kind of community to speak of and consist mainly of fake telegram users and fake trading volumes.

That said, we have targeted Bittrex as one of the last few exchanges with a long-lasting track record to be most aligned with our community.

We urge everyone in the Smoke community to contact Bittrex and show their interest in Smoke on twitter: or on their support site:

Thus far we have applied multiple times but have yet to get past a canned response from their support team, despite many non-active cannabis coins still being listed with no product to show.

Please show Bittrex the power of our community by sending them a polite message asking for Smoke to be listed!

Achievements this Year

Our main development milestone for the year has been the completion of the official Smoke mobile App, and work on a new streamlined signup process, as well as many ongoing tweaks and issues on the web app that we will start to roll out in the coming months. User Experience remains one of our top working priorities.

We are proud of our month-on-month growth and have been slowly working away on marketing and search engine optimization initiatives to grow our user base and ensure the continued growth of our community.

Future of Smoke

Despite the failing altcoin market this year, we strongly believe that blockchain projects are here to stay and that Smoke is positioned incredibly well to take full advantage of the next altcoin cycle as well as the impending global legalization of marijuana.

We will continue supporting Smoke and building on our successes step by step despite any obstacles we might face on the way, including finding a legitimate exchange to provide liquidity and give additional legitimacy to the Smoke chain.

Additional plans for the year include a grassroots community marketing event and continued planning for our strain and dispensary review databases which bring with them a host of additional challenges.

We thank all the developers, creators and curators in our community for their continued support to help build out Smoke to our vision of the future.

The Smoke Network Team

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It has been a long adventurous journey and i am so glad that i became part of it since the very start. Its a great project and have a very strong community all over the world. Though the stats show that 50% of the users are from USA but i think that is because that there are alot of people who are still unaware of this project. Infact there is a very very big group of people who don't even use blockchain and computers. I mean in the 3rd world countries there are lot of people who just don't use internet. I believe we have a big market to capture and this is not even the start. But still the stats are very promising. This was my first cannabis related community joining and i've learned so much here.


Glad you've stuck around since the beginning 👍

Once USA legalized, all these developing nations will do so and will be a great source of unique cannabis users to communicate with, I'm so excited for this future outcome :)

Viva La smoke & liberation of cannabis worldwide from the claws of prohibition!

Happy 1st Anniversary to our Smoke Community... I will be celebrating my 1st year in the platform in the next few days (Sept.28). I already sent my message to Bittrex requesting for the inclusion of Smoke in their Exchange... Let's hope for the best! CONGRATULATIONS !!!


congrats on you too, and more crunchy canna cookie, please...

Congratulations for 1 year chain birthday 🙂 It would be nice to get listed on a big exchange and i'm sure we will get there when the user base grows substantially. For now i would suggest to get listed in steem engine ( that way steem users could buy SMOKE coin more easily...i know i would 🙂
Looking forward for the next updates and strain and dispensary review database 🙂


There's no (new) money on SE and tbh, I feel we would look stupid first forking then returning.

Besides, STEEM has a horrible reputation in the industry and thus being paired with it, at our early exchange levels, could quite well backfire.


Thanks for your answer. I didn't know about that, so better bittrex :)


From a personal angle, I think for now... better none yet. But I’m not cryptokeynesian and don’t believe that a listing results in more value [or users] but does result in more dumpers and potential TA behavior. Additionally, with low liquidity it may result also in pump&dump rides.


Idk about steem engine, they have competitors on there and there was a reason smoke was necessary when steem was (once) highly hostile to cannabis content.

Im looking forwards to the road map deliverables too, very exciting times in the future :)


I was a late comer to steem so i didn't know that they were hostile to cannabis content. In this case, i understand this position :)

Happy Anniversary my dear Smokers!
I am so happy for this and being with you here. Thank you for the things I learned about Cannabis. How long my eyes and ears were closed for the negative speculation about these. Now I know and understand the health benefits and I will be happy if this will be legalized in our place.

I think people need to be prepared for this to be a long term project as soon as Federal Legalization hits the United States those issues of getting listed will melt away. It might take a little longer to get where we want to be, but we will get there.


For sure, nevermind the fact that userbase will begin inflating massively as once USA federally legalize the rest of the world will follow suit & look for places online to talk about cannabis without centralized moderation impeding their ability to communicate! The future for smoke is very bright!

Big Congratulations!! It's one year already and we are growing strongly.
Thanks for the update,i remember when we started from the test net now we here with alot already achieved, we are going slow but steady bravo

Congrats on the milestone and on the first year anniversary / Big thanks for continue development and hard work. / It is awesome to see the rise of smoke.


You've become an excellent author on here, glad you're investing so much time and effort, here's to the next decade of smoke! 👍👏


To be honest, I invested a lot of time and I learned here awesome things but I am not happy at all with what I write, as a lot of work and time are needed to become the author that I wish. I work on that and I hope to reach the next level a.s.a.p. and to have time (I am 59 years old) to enjoy the the rise of smoke, the next decade!

Congrats on the milestone and here’s to many more. Rock on, mate. birthday! Hope for party and hope for big day to get listed soon.

Congrats everyone on this first big milestone :)

Worth noting that Firefox has begun blocking all tracking, so Google analytics is only tracking a subset of users 👍

Looking forwards to holding smoke for years to come and curating the fuck out of some high quality decentralized cannabis content!

Long live smoke & all of its proponents! 👍

crossing fingers for more fruitful years to, way to go... cheers!


Heck yeah bro!

Happy first anniversary! Indeed, there's so much to read here. I'll be more than happy to be a part of this community and see the the rise of Cheers!

Happy 1 year anniversary Smoke! I am glad to be a part of this network! Just being on here helps me learn more about Cannabis and fuels my urge to educate the people around me about how this plant can solve a lot of our global issues in many different forms.


Glad you're here 👍


Same here! Glad you're a part of this, you are so welcoming! :)

heypi heypi 1 year to smoke network. This smokin hot awesome friendly platform that keeps growin' and rockin'
Congrats to the whole team and to all smokers!!! let's keep the vibe alive!!! 👌💚

Happy Smokeday, everyone! 🎊🎊🎂😊


Heck yeah, happy smoke day mate!

Congrats and happy birthday . great job team so far keep up the good work .

I happy birthday stonners