Writing Inspiration #1

6 months ago

 You are Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. You used to set people up, wishing to create fantastic romances for others. No, you have found yourself to be the goddess of a different kind of setting people up: You are now the god of shipping and fanfics. 

 You think she’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. But you know that people get a freckle for every heart they break, and she has them all over her face, shoulders, and arms. Yet every time she looks at you, your heart feels full.  

 All your friends joke about you being “always right”. You always seem to know the quickest path and the best stores. If it’s an argument, you win. One day you find out that you’re so right, you actually can’tbe wrong. Your word is gospel, so right it can alter history, our reality, the future, anything. 

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You have a nice style of writing, too bad you are not taking the bowling ball and throwing it into cannabis direction.