With the community's huge support we successfully helped Candi reach the finals

5 months ago

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Well fam, our efforts paid off, and Candi has officially made it into the ManyVids finals!

To celebrate and reward her loyal supporters, she’s offering 25% off of EVERYTHING in her ManyVids Store for the next week! Custom vids, texting, store items EVERYTHING!

All paid voters from the contest will be receiving their exclusive video next week, along with any customs purchased. If you were a paid voter, and haven't yet received your rewards other than customs, please PM her on ManyVids.

The next round is all up the the ManyVids team, they will be selecting the winner based on the following description on the contest header: "Granted to the MV Star who shamelessly promotes their MV Profile all over the internet and kills it with their social media game."

You can help with these efforts by following her on social media and interacting with her posts!

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Touchit Social, and Whaleshares

Candi will be present at the ManyVids booth at AEE/AVN on Jan 23rd noon-4pm, if you're going to be attending come say hi!

P.S. all remaining Smokebit rewards will be paid out today!


25% off Code: Can89153

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If my wife catch me, when I enjoy watching CandiTits, will kill me lol! ( was just a joke )

Thanks for making connections as I like the way how you make efforts to grow our Smoke Platform.


In my case, we both(me and my wife) voted for candi , so I have nothing to worry 😂


Was just a joke, sure I will vote Candi.

Thats shows that we as a community are moving in the right direction. I mean this is kind of a preparations for the future where we might need our community to push for some top exchanges where whole community needs to act as one to get listed.

It is good she made it through

That's great. Shows how much people are standing behind her. Also voted for her every day and my girlfriend too. Thanks for this info