Why are you here? This is some my reasons and why SMOKE needs to stay on NICHE

6 months ago

Why are you here?

What is the reason you have signed up for smoke? You wanna know why I did? I am going to explain to you in this post why I signed up and think that smoke will be the BIGGEST powerhouse in the cannabis space for many things like Growing, Reviews, Nugporn, Seeds, Strain information. and why it is so IMPORTANT we stay on task to keep smokes NICHE on cannabis.

Okay, This is going to be a post that is a bit on the long side, One the main reason's for this is the fact so many people are here for the rewards more than the platform and have not even taken the time to read the information over on smoke.network like the white paper and the pitch deck.


The worlds first blockchain cannabis social network and ecosystem.

Smoke.Network is a social network and ecosystem tailored for the cannabis community and
powered by the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain and SMOKE is the coin that
powers it.

Our first minimal viable product (MVP), Smoke.io has launched allowing the public to take ownership of the network.
Quoted from the smoke.network,

This is explaining that smokes focus is to serve the cannabis community, The is not saying we can only have cannabis users here but if they are not here for the cannabis community they should only be here for education purpose, Not for the rewards, Not to post about your Cat,Dog,Family, and not if your here for none cannabis content only.

Pitch Deck

let me explain in my opinion, What some of that means so you can see the reason why I want smoke to succeed and why it will if WE ALL stay on the NICHE of smoke(Cannabis Culture).

Introduction to smoke

This first part here explains just what I did above, The reason behind smoke is to give a place for the cannabis community to come and have a place to share cannabis content like grows and nugporn reviews on strains and companies that grow and supply your cannabis, Also a general place for like-minded Cannabis people to call home.


Why Cannabis

I am going to explain my reason the cannabis community wants to have a place like smoke, The cannabis community as most of you know are pushed out and left like rag dolls, Places like Instagram , twitter, facebook and even youtube hand out bans to cannabis accounts every day. Even tags like nugporn are banned on Instagram but I can search tits and see some no problem. Do you see what the problem in this? We are scrutinized for smoking a wonderful plant.

Here is the pitch desk on why cannabis?


Feature smoke will offers


Did you know you own your account?

Yes, You are hear and you likely know this by now RIGHT? You know when you saved the keys when you signed up also them same ones that are in your wallet section,(Please save these) That is all your information for your account, Meaning you are the only one that is in control of the account and the keys.


As a cannabis user, I am sure you have heard of leafly, weedmaps? These are the go-to places right now for strain reviews and dispensary reviews, Well what if I told you most them reviews are all bought? and guess what weedmaps and leafly may delete a review if they wanted to for whatever reason they find fit, Here on smoke we as a community get to pick what reviews are true and worthy of a spot on smoke, everyone that is posting a legit review can be earning and not worry about getting the review deleted if the company don't like it. ( A company on smoke can flag the comment but people can see this and ask why. This will help with the end user trust the company and they will not be able to hide the review)

This will be for both strain reviews as well as the dispensary you got this strain from, So you may be able to do a review of the place and WHEN they sign up and they give a bonus to their customers via an upvote (IF THEY OFFER THAT) who knows but this is a feature that is truly limitless if a dispensary is spreading its awareness.

This will also work for the Grower, We can get a review of the places that grow the cannabis so we can see the best places that grow our CANNABIS. They could also be doing regular updates on the crops they are working on. This could help cut the cost of a grow and in turn cut the cost that you pay for your cannabis cause they could earn smoke from upvotes and in return exchange the smoke for equipment.


Social networking

Not only is smoke a social network, but It is a decentralized one, What does this mean for you and me, maybe nothing, What does this mean for a CANNABIS activist? Well it means they can be doing the activism worldwide and we all can be able to back them, People in legal places can be on here giving opinions and helping to fund these people that are standing up to the government getting arrested and most times end up in jail, Just to help spread the cause that CANNABIS and HEMP are not bad plants like the world is viewing it.

This is also another thing that people like you and me that want, So we have a place to learn how to grow and have many many questions along the way, You can jump on to smoke and find the right kind of grow your doing from hydro, deep water culture, soil, and who knows what else people are growing with along the way, To get the right info that the community have upvoted as good trusted content.



Who doesn't like the rewards? This is going to part of the reason smoke is going to be a huge success. Smoke coins as you all know is what powers your smoke account to give you a higher stake in the network. The thing is if you're investing into smoke you should be using your stake to keep the content on cannabis and the culture. This goes back to that part that companies and high stakeholders that are here because we are a focus on the cannabis community don't want to see people's cat, dog, family photos, etc so we should be rewarding the right things now and not off niche posts( Maybe at a later date this will also work but for now we need to stay on cannabis culture only)

When you all finally take the time to go over and read the smoke pitch deck you are going to see a lot more then I talked about or shared with you in this post but I was solely focusing on the stuff that I feel we need to address with everyone from WITNESS to CURATORS to EVERYONE that wants smoke to succeed.

Now that I have written this post and told you why I think smoke will be a success and why you should take the time to go read the information over on smoke.network to gain more knowledge about smoke and the goals it has. I would like to ask everyone that is reading this to help do your part and keep smoke on the NICHE of cannabis and we can have a huge platform.


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Remember to go upvote witness and read who all the witness are https://smoke.io/~witnesses and you can read what they do here https://bitshares.org/technology/delegated-proof-of-stake-consensus/


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I joined because for the majority of my life, cannabis has played a pivotal role.

I wanted to be a part of a community that was centered around the culture I chose to live my life around.

I wanted to make good friends abroad, not only in my direct area, and to expand my network alongside like-minded people who had the same common goals/enjoyments that I did/do.

Mostly, I wanted to be a part of something innovative, new, fresh, and ultimately, something with unlimited potential in not only it's niche market, but in society as a whole.

Now that I'm here and have been here, I can say I've seen a lot of those hopes fulfilled and it's been great. :)

As a cannabis user, I am sure you have heard of leafly, weedmaps? These are the go-to places right now for strain reviews and dispensary reviews, Well what if I told you most them reviews are all bought? and guess what weedmaps and leafly may delete a review if they wanted to for whatever reason they find fit, Here on smoke we as a community get to pick what reviews are true and worthy of a spot on smoke, everyone that is posting a legit review can be earning and not worry about getting the review deleted if the company don't like it. ( A company on smoke can flag the comment but people can see this and ask why. This will help with the end user trust the company and they will not be able to hide the review)

This is my favorite thing about the blockchain.
Nothing ever goes away!

Alongside that, you're exactly right.
The ability for one controlling group/company to censor or remove or even alter someone's comment or post, is an abomination. That destroys the whole idea of transparency in and of itself. In my opinion.

Here, the community decides and if there are bad reviews, they are not hidden. The people can see.

Some may say "Well, you can't change your post after X amount of days, what if your opinion changes?"

Great! Then you can post a reply to it at a later date and clarify that you've changed your opinion on the matter. No problem! :)

Also, again, that new comment is completely under your control and if you change your opinion AGAIN within 7 days, all you'd have to do was hit the edit button. If after 7, simply make another post underneath the original.

Seeing people change their minds about products on a blockchain is also more valuable than many realize.

What this can tell you also, is how well a company/grower/etc did in addressing any issues that arose that may have caused bad reviews. Say a dispensary has a budtender that wasn't so friendly to you, you address it, they address it, they clarify and apologize maybe, clear the air, your mind changes. They cared about you as a customer enough to fix the issue. Now if this is done in a day or so, even a week or month, that would be great and you could see the dispensary cares about it's customers. If you see that things like that continued for long periods of time without being addressed and no actions being taken, then the reputation of that place gets what it rightfully deserves, until it's willing to make adjustments.

What the blockchain provides, with it's transparency, is the need for the parties involved to be held accountable to their actions/products/services/etc.

This is not only great for the consumers but also great for the distributors. You can be sure you're getting a quality product that hasn't just had it's reviews manipulated by someone and they can see in real-time what the people do and do not like about what they're doing as a whole.

Hope you're doing well mate.
Happy Holidays!


Thanks for taking the time to read my post, You point some great things out that I missed about the reviews being on the blockchain.

I am also glad that point out that we are able to meet like-minded people from all places around the world.

Happty holidays as well

To add onto your points, this is exactly the reason why I don’t like people cross posting irrelevant topics across different platforms. Yeah, it may build the authors brand if they are just here for expanding their private brand. So the person who does cross posting and posts the same stuff posted on to steemit or weku or WLS or other similar blockchains, then the author clearly doesn’t care the where the traffic is coming from, thus they really don’t bother whether people find their brand via steemit or weku or smoke. They just want to spread their brand as much as they can. This is something I personally don’t like. I’m here for cannabis , to learn more about other cannabis, growing tips , news about worldwide usage , medical information, understanding difficulties of black market for medical cannabis. If not for any of these why else should I be here. Apart from that I’m a witness here, so all the more important for me to understand the vision of this platform, and read the whitepaper , pitch deck and understand why this place is not just another meaningless blockchain, it’s also meant to serve the cannabis community so focus should be to keep it niche for cannabis. If not, why should I use smoke, I could rather use other similar blockchains. It’s just my personal opinion and being a witness and a curator , I do want to see this place thrive towards what it’s meant for :-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this article!


Thank you, This is very true we really need to get the cross-posting under control and show people that it hurts smoke and makes the brand they want to create useless on smoke.

I think a post about cross-platform abuse should be written up next. I am hoping we can get people that post cannabis content to want to build their brand to smoke.


I have the same gripe, it is so frustrating and some of the users have great content, but them cross posting hurts Smoke as why come here when you can read it there. I would rather see them write posts on promoting smoking there and tell people they are moving all their cannabis related content to smoke.io, then maybe do a weekly piece on the other platforms linking their content here there. So simple they can still earn money there but be unique to each place.

My main reason for being here it to share my love and passion for cannabis. I'm a novice grower (not even two years into it) and I love sharing stories, learning from others and gaining more knowledge.

I have no plans in the near future to cash out or power down; on any platform. I love writing, blogging and all things words so having SMOKE is a place where I can express myself and share.

I would add just one thing to this, also keep your content exclusive to Smoke.io if you are copy and pasting your content on all the blockchain social media sites why would anyone come here to read it when they can go to steemit or whaleshare or medium or the countless other sites. So when you post on Smoke, make it exclusive to smoke. If you wrote something way back when that you think should be seen, rework the piece don't copy and paste it. People that do that look greedy and they look like content thieves even if they are just self plagiarizing.


This seems like a general thing I missed and I wanted to put it in but I was unsure how.
Over the next while I will be trying to convince people to stop cross posting I will also not be leaving anyone known cross posters votes as this hurts smokes SEO and we want people to find smoke when thy search anything cannabis.

I joined because I think this blockchain can become a pillar in the worldwide cannabis community and market.

I’m also here because I currently live in a country where being caught can lead to lifetime and additional fines of up to US$200,000.

Alcohol and tobacco are allowed though. They’re legal. Yet proven healthy material is not legal.

With a President who considers drugs something to hold a war on, we need to raise awareness of all sides of the green we love.

When living in Europe I used to be a frequent smoker. Now, combined with a gossip and booze culture, I feel like a criminal and have mostly abandoned the healthiest “Vice” there is. Save for few times a year I go surfing and meet up with others who love the beach because it’s a gentler environment. At least on barely crowded beaches and at night.

Lastly, everyone who reads me on Steem, knows that I’m a huge fan of decentralization and against the “deplatforming”, happening on way too many internet platforms.


This is a great response. Thanks for being around!


In a not too distant future dispensaries and cannabis related brands will join Smoke and be part of the community. The 50/50 model is a great hook for them to invest/HODL rewards by powering up.

There’s a whole new economy which will grow around Smoke. Also in the “review” niche. Brands and dispensaries will reward their customers with upvotes. Whoever creates a marketplace on Smoke (with low commission model!) may hit the jackpot in the future.

That’s why it is important we maintain the “spirit”, or if you want, the integrity of the niche. Those merchants and brands will not come if they open their feed and need to weed through the content to find smokers they can target.

The more topical we can keep the community, the higher our chance of attracting those businesses going forward. That is a possible future and Smoke has a great model to make that happen and become a big player in the worldwide cannabis industry.

That also thanks to its DPOS/graphene blockchain, of course.

Addendum: Apps like yours will also be able to benefit from the cannabis advertising network which will be launched on the blockchain. The business vision for SMOKE is huge and absolutely brilliant.

I'm no expert on the subject of cannabis but I do like it, enjoy talking about it and learning new things about it. So I would say that's the main reasons I'm here. I also want to learn more so I can contribute more to smoke.i.o in the future, thanks mate, bong on bro. :-)


This is one the reason smoke is built tho was to educate people on cannabis and the culture as well as give a place for the culture to educate each other. I am glad you found your way here to learn and share

The nugporn will always be a hit, but I really like the growing journals. Smoke.io is a safe place where people can share their knowledge and skills with everyone and not be worried about the law coming after them.

Reality is for now many need to keep their growing on the down low,, but they can share here and be rewarded for sharing their experience. And like you said, having a space for people to be able to share without fear of prosecution helps the global push for legalization.


Yes you are spot on, Nugporn is always awesome, But the grows are going to set smoke apart from other places,

I hope we can see more activist on smoke pushing for worldlegalization.

Good info for new users ... a message to all those whaleshares and steemit users joining in droves to post their non-cannabis drivel ... i hope some of the message gets to both groups!
Please check your large title links at the end ...


Thank you, I am hoping they also get the point that cross posting crap is not welcome here, I think we are well on the way to push people to post only cannabis content or 99% anyway with the odd off topic

Thanks for posting this. I am pretty sure many people have never had anything to do with cannabis before now and most probably do know its use and value, many joined the community because it's another community like steemit and do not even border to check the smoke white paper to see what The community is all about. But all things been equal, they are already here, the best anyone who is short of knowledge on cannabis can do is to learn and know the focus of the community, for the better good of smoke.


Thanks, I think it is great if people come to join to be educated on cannabis, Should they post about other stuff while learning not likely. They can still earn rewards by comments and doing post about cannabis and their thoughts

I'm here because this is a place I can swap cannabis information and stories and not have to be annoyed by someone morally objecting. It is true that for whatever reasons there are people that are disturbed by it, or don't care to see it, so it's nice to have a separate space with the cannabis enthusiasts.

Thanks @skylinebuds for sharing, why am I here is one question for many to answer and if the answer is gotten at all it is most often for a selfish reason.
Nevertheless I am grateful to the smoke community for making duch a great platform as this because through this platform as being able learn new things.


It is one for many to answer and if it is greed they are after we will help stop that.

If they want to come for what smoke means and that is cannabis culture and content and education then they will be welcomed

I don't smoke but am very curious and enthusiastic on the subject focus of this community, and i am open to learn, that is d reason why i have not posted much for now. I don't know much about cannabis but i might have probably used it before for function cause i am used to many natural weed for health function.


This is good tho, You are not here abusing the system and your educating yourself on the awesome plant

I won't lie when I say that my primary reason for being on any of these platforms is the reward system. I think anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. With that said, I 100% agree with Smoke being niche, and I don't think anyone should be posting content that isn't related to cannabis in some way. I think Smokers had a hard time on steemit and it's nice to have our own little place.I look forward to seeing how this platform grows, and I feel the biggest thing steem could improve would be the graphical user interface, and the post editor. Smoke could totally make improvements to get it boosted above steemit with it's niche. I think the key to adoption though is how user friendly the platform is. People want to be able to easily make the kinds of posts they want to make. People will show up for the rewads, but they won't understand them and they won't stay unless the platform is captivating enough. I think we got a good shot at building something special here. Excited to watch it grow.


Definitely I am excited and here for the rewards also - there is no use denying or being a martyr saying otherwise. However yes, otherwise, I wouldn't be here just for rewards and aren't so naive to come posting any old shit on here like people do on Steem or Whaleshare ... i'm here because Marijuana is a wonder drug, and never before on the Internet has there been a better way to share and communicate with other users and businesses with interest in it also ..

At first when I joined I didn’t really grasp the concept. But now as I’m learning I understand that this place has so much potential. But we need to attract the users. I’ll get an instagram up for canna curate. We will lure them in with plants and buds and maybe giveaways


Never forget, good things take time. Even growing good weed does.

The main net has been up for merely 3 months.

Yes, we all want more users. Thousands more, hundred thousands more.

But growing an organic community doesn’t happen over night.


I knew you would come around, You a cannabis guy and understand whywe need a place like smoke. I push everyone I know can help the community and benefit from it as well, You are doing awesome work wit smoke og and getting canna off the ground on smoke

Resmoked. More people need to see this. This is what I have been talking about and trying to explain to people about how the Smoke Network works and what it is. It's more then just a platform. Its a thriving community with a developing ecosystem that drives on Smoke but thrives on the symbiotic assistance between us all. We are like an active collective consciousness.
I like to say that people come here for the cannabis and curation but stay for the cannabis and community.

Rock On! Cannabis is Awesome! :D

Glad you're here. :)

The world is very poorly educated on cannabis, and cannabis is better the more you know about it. I'm here to share the best information I've found, spanning nearly 30 years of experience.

I use the 15+ years of indoor hydro experience I have to help others find better quality. Everyone deserves awesome cannabis, and information is the key to producing it. :D

Go BE Awesome

Thanks for letting us know why you're here! :D

Author of Secrets to Growing Trichome Dense Cannabis

this post is amazing, so much useful information and your vision is great. A community built around cannabis is the exact foundation we need to build and build huge! great work.


Moving discord over to here. WE need to stop anyone that want to come for the rewards, I don't care if it is my mom if you are here for only the rewards then they need to be stopped. @daio is not any better she is only here rewards.

That being said I will let you try to ask her to stop but I will be flagging anyone that is not on niche. This is not meaning people that post off topic but people that are here solely to post off topic and have no care that this is a CANNABIS COMMUNITY nothing else.


I understand and respect your position, I promise to try. Will do what I can. thank you.

Couple of years ago when I was having medical issues , cannabis is what helped me. Without support of my husband and medical cannabis , it would have been hard for me to be where I’m now in personal life. So when I came to know about smoke.io via my husband( @betgames) , i didn’t have much idea on what the experience here would be like. I had seen my husband spending time on steemit last year and I had helped him with his work an year ago until recently, but he told me that he found this place I may like. So I came on here. I guess I have told this earlier, but to repeat again: I really like reading other cannabis posts about their experience , new strain reviews , news , etc. It is something I can’t see often much on Facebook or other platform. So I know where to go(Smoke.io) when I have a question or help needed regarding cannabis or know more about other cannabis. I may not be able to spend more time on smoke like my husband as I have lot of things to take care of at home and at work and also my pets. But it really is refreshing to see cannabis related posts. To put in another word “ smoke network is like an extended family of mine” . So I do like niche topics. I don’t hate off topics, but I don’t usually go through completely unrelated things as that’s not what I’m here for. Hope to see cannabis community grow together and help each other :)

With 💕,

Very well written post! I've always found it utterly confusing why people come here to post only off topic content. There are other platforms which encourage such posts so it would be wise to build their profile on those platforms. I don't see any reason for smoke.io to exist if it was just another social networking site. The focus needs to cannabis and the unjustly censored cannabis community. Also I came across this point of driving away investors because they don't fit in our niche. Well you clearly don't belong here if you're going to cross post off topic content always. We have an amazing community with great deal of focus on building this platform to cater all cannabis needs. Heck, I got into this thinking it would be place to experience the global cannabis culture and I would want it to remain that way please :)

Well written post man! I love the passion. You have my witness vote. :)

Thanks for posting this
Love it

Glad to be one of the early adopters here with you guys!

Ps I joined cause you made me!! Lol glad you did bud. Having fun here. And getting more eyes on my hard work really fella good. Even fells better then marking money!!

Very nice. Good smoke