native app IS HERE

11 months ago

Testing the mobile app

Have you been to the play store to see what @stoner has been hard at work doing?

If you fund bugs maybe drop them into this post and we can have 1 place for bug reports and not a bunch bug posts please.

Screenshot_20190104-083243_Google Play Store.jpg

I will be doing a post in a bit to show off some new features.

#app #bug #bugreport #makingstrives

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Posting from the app!

I like it so far. Better than using the browser on the phone. I'll probably still need a VPN to check from work.

The only "bug" I've noticed so far is that hitting the refresh icon on the top right while in a post brings you to the Post in what looks like a new page. Removes the 3 lined menu button. Not really a bug, perhaps, just not what I would have intuited.


Yeah, It is much better so far.

Yeah I don't know if that is a bug or ment to be for now

This is some really awesome news! an essential addition to the platform really.. cant wait to try it out!


O yeah it is going to bring a whole experiance to smoke and it's user

Awesome... Really amazing news and updates happening in and around the smoke network recently...

The app looks cool... Looking forward to testing it out


Yeah, 2019 is getting better and better for smoke and we only 4 days in 😀


Yea... We are just 4 days in and we are already having so MUCH AWESOMENESS...
Bright days ahead

Waiting to get the iOS version! After work I will go home and search for my old android phone(assuming that phone is gonna work, lol) and checkout our app 👌


iOS boo haha, Yeah i am unsure what min specs are I should try on my old old phone and see,

Using the app now. I notice it the site looked different when I was on my cell earlier. They moving quick. Awesome start of the year.


Yeah, the mobile was pushed yesterday and then app was pushed today. This is going to be a great year

I knew it would come sooner rather than later ;)
Now I can smoke on my way! :D

Keep up the good work and...

Smoke on!


The smoke team has been doing some great work and it will start to pay off

today i search apps in playstore but i did not's may be added after my search.
thank you @stoner for hard work.


The link is in the post, It is in unreleased mode atm

nice ma man!! i will check this out!

iOS?? Really like to try it.

Great news & good job! Will try it out!

This is sweet! I'll have to check it out

I just uploaded the app and it's even faster than logging in the browser. I still need to try-out uploading images and see if resolutions are ok. It's amazing to have the app and can't wait to have more features in it.

Yay!! ❤

The app is really cool looking and running smoothly. And this is a beta... Nice job!

I just have one question can u make a dark theme?

This white background really makes my eyes suffer

Thx for answer

Smoke on...

An App is a great idea! 52 percent of people worldwide access the internet using their phone. It's over 60 percent in Asia!

Really nice to see people developing apps on top on Smoke so early.
Good luck!