Shout out and thanks

3 months ago

I was meaning to post this last night but ended up going to bed early.

Thanks a lot to @tecnosgirl for the awesome magnet that i will find a nice random location to stick it out side in public 😀

What take a look at that little thing that pays plant me that she has hooked me up with some guerilla glue seeds.

Just wow and thanks that is for sure can't wait to pop a couple this weekend to add to my grow rooms.

Thanks again for everything you do for this awesome community 😀

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Congrats / Awesome Magnet.
Nice stamp with lovely cat also !


Thanks I like the seeds more 😀

Jealous as [email protected]@k! Congrats on the win! Lucky you get to enjoy the seeds!


I have a couple more to share if you want me to send you a couple


Yes m please!


Thanks can't wait I never grown these strain before

Sweet they arrived. I sent some to Pakistan a few months ago but as far as I know they never arrived.


They did, I was shocked to see it. It was awesome to see them make it over. I was hoping it was the nugporn book 😀 still haven't even saw the posts about them as I was waiting 😀


I get the next free one on the 31st


Wait you haven't received your NugPorn book yet? Cause yours was sent out in February and if you haven't gotten it, it got lost in the mail. And I will get a replacement order, shit I thought you got yours already