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7 months ago

I know I own this place an apology. the fact of the matter is when I got into smoke I told myself that I will never care about politics and money and I ended up letting someone in my head about that. I have had plenty of time to think about it now and again I apologize to anyone that was around and especially @indica. What you invested in your choice and I should never have let @rawpride get in my head about it. guess it happens. so moving forward I hope.

This is a list of some ideas and maybe we can work as a community to figure some of these out.

start fresh right? when I set out on smoke it was about the community of stoners who got no REAL place to call home. with Instagram, you're looking to get banned any time we post about cannabis.

so my pledge this time is to stay out of people's issue on smoke and build the community with the help of some great people like @d00k13 @jonyoudyer @relaylogix @tecnosgirl and many many more we can do this.

I am thinking we ALL need to start post old post to Twitter Instagram Facebook. Any other place that content can go to.

I have started up a twitter account just for sharing cannabis post and socialize about smoke. The new handle is https://twitter.com/SmokeNetworkMe1 and you can be sure to find post daily from smoke being pushed out to the cannabis community on twitter

I am in the building stage of a weekly show on insta or youtube and likely discord to talk about the GROW post here on smoke and have a contest to go along with growing. the biggest thing as did the other day by @cowboyblazerfan is smoke needs growers. so that's what I will strive to bring to the table.

these are all just ideas and hopefully, they will play out. I will be campaigning my self again to witness for the community as well. So please feel free to go give me a vote and make the list look up to date.

This is an old video that I am making a post about to share. The ideas are still here for smoke I feel that is what I need to get back to is the reason I joined this community.

I am also asking if we have any developers here on smoke we can get together on discord to talk a couple of things like maybe getting a way to set up a dev fund cause I would donate and I am sure others would as well to get some well-needed updates to things.

anyone that wants to help we need to work as a team. even if some don't like each other's ideas everyone wants smoke to succeed. So lets ALL work as one and bring some great ideas to the table.

I have been trying to get an updated list of smoke places. I was hoping I could make a list of the places like smoke explorers, discord groups, another smoke website like indicas.

Can I get some comments on these links? I know of the https://smoked.witness.pw/ as well as http://smokeio.info/. I am not sure if we have another explore that is working? maybe this is another thing we can get that is updated with a DEV fund?

Also @indica I would like to get your help on a couple of things as I know you have managed to pull post off the smoke chain and put on your own site. I am wondering if we can make a widget to let anyone do this. I wanted to started a weekly post on my blog but would like to pull the post from smoke... these are all ideas.

Is anyone good with discord bots? It would be great to make a bit like ginabot for smoke and maybe even a banjo bot. I am thinking a discord bot for notifications is a great idea if we can get this built. I am working on finding out if gina bot is open-sourced. This would fall into the DEV fund we could set up.

Is anyone around from smoke discord that can give it some good need updating? maybe bring it to be a cannabis discord more than a crypto one. Or maybe delete some the clutter in the channels as their is quite a few.

This post is kind of all over the place but I wanted to sum up A LOT of things into one post. Please I am wanting comments on what we can do and get things rolling.

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To start with, "RESMOKED," I don't care about smoke.io politics nor do I make any claims about being crypto-smart because I am not. To me smoke is just smoke I share with my friends that I met here, which happens to include you!

I have followed from you from day one when @Writer43 first stepped onto the platform 2-yrs ago due the quality of your posts and cannabis cultivation knowledge.

With that being said, I stay neutral with all parties here except for a certain smoker and even that has dwindled out, but I have been around long enough to know about the falling out.

Here's what I like about you: You may have disappeared for awhile after that incident; however, when you came back, your post where slow at first, but man you've been nailing it with high-quality grow posts one after another regardless of the smoke power; therefore, I may be all over the place too, but you will always get 100% vote from @Writer43 and my alt @Groot:D

That's what up tonight stoners, I just spent 4 days without internet and had to work double time to catch up on articles. I wanted to work on my book, but I'm too tired and decided to do some curation tonight instead, came across this post, and thought to myself, who doesn't love @Skylinebuds? Fuck it, I'm going to take a few minutes and voice my opinion, this dude is the definition of a high-quality grower and deserves a second chance:D IMO


Thanks alot. Really love reading this kind of stuff and your post period. They are some the best stories around.

Man 4 days no internet nhow was that? Be like the insane asylum 😭


It was crazy bro. I guess the Direct TV tech did something in the basement when he came to hook up the satellite TV service? Insane. LOL Yeah, your welcome, and keep them post coming because they don't go unnoticed.

Welcome back, I hope this is a welcome to the “sky of old”, he who totally cared about this place.

Onwards and let’s make this place bubbling again. We have been “dormant” for too long but we’ve got a good thing going here, we should build on it. Let’s rock and roll!

PS: Get your witness up again. Yours, not an alt. ;)


Thanks. Yes witness is up and stable . I hope 😁

Now to hope we can move and and up with everything and everyone. I will do my best and part to bring some content and marketing again but let's hope we can get in the works some some people... No names but help set up a dev fund 😁


I have since more than half a year, @cw-devfund. Due to illness I didn't make last few months until today (only back active on site since less than 2 weeks), but have been donating 20% of witness earnings every month.

I didn't promote it because we lack witnesses and peer pressure to do something similar could be perceived negatively by potential new witnesses.

If we want to create a dev fund with multiple people we would need a Multi-sig solution,requiring multiple people to agree and use their key to unlock. The chain doesn't have that feature tho.

Btw when someone devs something which helps the chain, they will most likely receive a bounty. Bounties are a difficult thing to manage tho as there's only a limited amount available and that needs to last few years and truly serve the chain a purpose. Its unlikely that at current/all-time rates so far a bounty will ever be equivalent to $ value of work. Market support also plays a huge factor in bounty allocation; and tbh we wants devs who power up not dump lol.

But the option is there and devs who believe in Smoke can benefit them. Not my decision but if needed will gladly lobby for their case.

I'm sure the bounty process can even be democratized among witnesses over time. Again, not my decision but we should definitely discuss it and work towards “decentralized” bounties.

I'm absolutely game to discuss the topic, help craft a proposal to forward, and see a small "reserve/bounty committee" manage the budget - including suggest/define their process for transparency (and accountability) purposes.

Not necessarily an easy or fast topic and the decision is not in our hands either but let's get the discussion going and see what we can achieve. We don't have a slack or similar (that shit is expensive) so I suggest to create a new, additional channel in witness section on Discord (after cleaning up Discord and witness group as well as make actual witnesses part of witness group).


I would be content with having you as our fund manager to start with ... in all honesty if we just start saving and have some idea of the funds set aside for the cause we will know what kind of development we can afford ...

Relying on devs to have interest and not dump tokens I think is what has gotten us into this mess requiring this discussion ... I am never gonna be a developer but I do have the ability to invest my crypto earnings and a willingness to do so assuming an outcome is on the table.


Now that sign ups are open again as they should be, we should all consider investing in smoke again as well. I was dumping off a little bit there, but with sign ups open and a resurgence of older members (Whether they've been on alt accounts or not in the mean time is really irrelevant to me at this point.) coming back, along with the steem/hive split and the instability created there, if you all really see value in smoke, then let's collectively start to pump it again. I'm happy to start to support it at the 0.2BTS line, but I'd prefer to not be the only one, honestly. As centralized as this is, it seems to not be a full on scam considering the fact that mention of taking legal action because of illegal moves made, seems to have made them reconsider. If it was a full on scam/ponzi, they wouldn't have given a fuck and I'd have still had no access to anything. That being said, as long as quality content is being supported and it has variety, I'm all for a little bit of a pump. I'm only hoping that others will follow suit, because if we're all willing to pitch in a little bit towards a higher base price, even if someone decides to dump more heavily, we'll all be working together to soak up that smoke and keep the price up. I'm honestly just tired of being one of the only ones who'll actually eat up the market to try to raise the price. There's either none or very few doing it besides me, which to me, means that people don't care as much as they say. I'm literally saying 5 bucks a pop, for like 20 people, that means only 100$/mo in keeping prices higher and keeping the market in motion. Half the time I find myself eating up the market just to have some action show up on the markets from day to day. It's getting a bit boring being the only one playing "pump n dump" on any measurable scale.


Once on hive engine, there are no trading fees. Perfect for market making.

We are waiting for the new signup flow to be released, which will speed up signups. If then we can as a community focus on growing and leave the negativity behind, the place will look much more welcoming to new visitors as well.

No place is perfect, no place will ever be, and sometimes things may seem bad but that doesn’t necessarily mean the actors are bad too. If you want to dump, be my guest. If you want to constructively help make this place a place people want to join... you have my support, as previously stated.

Things won’t be easy, crypto adoption outside of people trading it (and some hodling it, is still low. We all still have years of work ahead of us to build those economies we would love to see.

We make or we break this place. As a community member I want to see this place thrive. And, personally, I want to focus on the positive, the lesser things will get fixed with time and as we grow and build a genuine, larger community. Plenty of ways to discuss those, and hopefully fix them, without making this place look like a heaven for toxicity.

Community players and constructive attitudes matter.


In relation to this comment, I've just pumped smoke up to 0.1BTS from 0.079~. If I see others begin to create orders to buy in addition to mine, I will continue to push the price up alongside them. I'm an asshole, but I'm not ignorant. I am more than happy to work with you folks, if you're willing to do your part. You're not the only ones who would like to see a higher smoke price. Just because money isn't an object for me, doesn't mean I enjoy seeing something I've invested in tank 60-80% LOL. I still want things to turn around so at the very least, I can say I made a sound investment in something and saw the proper potential and didn't just deceive myself into seeing potential and value that wasn't there. The only thing that's ever gotten to me about smoke is that it hasn't taken off quite like I believed it should. Now I'm beginning to fully understand all of the reasons why and it's only made it feel a bit more upsetting. Simple marketing campaigns that aren't majorly expensive could have boosted the value so much. What always seems to be at odds with the community and the smoke team tho, is as to who is going to be the one to start properly advertising and marketing the chain. No one has really taken up that role to this point. We've all had our little promotional methods, sure. No one has invested a decent amount of money to pay to advertise it tho. No banner ads (Proven to be one of THE most effective advertising methods in the world. Not even expensive either...), hardly any flyers being made and actually placed in places, a fraction of the promotional material that's been made and rewarded, has been used... it's just a culmination of a lot of factors. What I've come to the conclusion of tho, is that if I don't do any of those things either, I've got no room to run my mouth to other people about it. Even tho I consider my reasoning to be completely legitimate: Why should I be the one to pay to increase the value of everyone's stake? Why should MY money being used and MY effort being exerted, reward them at all? They don't deserve it.

Then I realized I was being utterly petty. Something I'm normally not.
A dick, yes. Asshole? Yup. Rude? Ha. Conceited? Sure. Offensive? Always.
Petty? Nope.

At this point, I could care less if it gains other people. I'm going to focus on trying to boost my investment. I'm going to try to make this a W, not an L (As it has been for a while now.). Cannabis content deserves more recognition and a more free way to post and comment about it, without the concern of backlash and content removal. Fuck it, let's make it worth more. ;-)


Hey man I’m trying to build my stash not push the price ... I agree with @unnamed and I’m waiting for Hive listing before I play too much in the market

At this point token value is not a priority, least for me token count is 😉

Ok yea welcome back and no sweat 😅 least from me ...

  • glad your back as witness, voted
  • yes we can fucking do this
  • fund I have been kicking the same idea around
  • developers are mostly preoccupied or needing payment
  • social I have WP working to auto share everything I do ... we should agree to use #smokeio & #smokenetwork tags across all platforms also try follow up with support when possible
  • youtube, we should sub & like each other’s stuff ... have a running list of channels to sub too and setup a playlist a few of us can promote ... even just have a playlist running on loop on a logged out machine for views 😅 did this for a few of my higher viewed videos as a test 😉 click bot for upvotes if logged in 🤔 wonder if any YouTube circle jerking services exist ... LOL but I’m serious every little bit counts on that giant
  • I would love a smoke.io widget for WP and would be glad to work towards building something like this though I have no idea really where to start ... influence SteemPress team? 😅

Yes a fund will be the best idea. How hard is adding that to post? Kinda like steem so we can just donate so many rewards to the fund?

If we show devs they can get some good extra they may come.

The smoke network tag is useful.

I agree a wp would be awesome but I was thinking like publish0x were it will still lead back to smoke.

Ideas ideas


So I just came back from online search after reading post, found this site maybe it will speed up your goal so be sure to check it out I would like to know your comments, just found this.

was thinking of using for running ads but has other stuff, so could offer other ideas for what your goals might be. Looks promising could help explore ideas.



That does indeed look very promising!

Thank You 👍


Yeah wish I could look more into this but currently occupied, I would be interested in reading up on this topic in relation to smoke/project. Or projects.

So maybe start a discord so I can join see what is being worked on or some other activity.

Anyway I would join but may not be very active, if made.

No apologies needed here:D

I am not sure if we have another explore that is working? maybe this is another thing we can get that is updated with a DEV fund?

Since the original explorer on explore.smoke.io didn't work I forked it with some minor changes so it can be used again. You can find it on smoke-explorer.crypto.fans

Hopefully we'll get the original explorer up again


I created a GitHub trouble ticket. Seems the RPC was changed 7 days ago.

Well.... I would have never found out about Smoke.io if not for @skylinebuds and his offer to sell me a little smoke for a little Steem. Onwards and upwards. Upsmoked and resmoked.


Thanks we can do it again 😊


Yeah... a few of us were doing manual Steem-Engine trades 2 years ago..... long before Steem or Hive-Engine ever existed. Zero fees.

I am wondering if we can make a widget to let anyone do this.

Anyone can do this with smoke-js, but if you're dumping the posts from all blocks you should run your own smoked node to query locally faster.

Could maybe store all the data on a database & create an explorer interface for it, instead of dumping to files


Yes but I was think quick easy widget that builds code. Idk if you saw publish0x widget but like that. You drop on website and than it leads back to publis0x

Followed you on Twitter .... add a link back to Smoke.io https://Smoke.io

I don't even think it was necessarily him, I think even he realizes that this place has more value and potential than the other options out there. I think the idea of how small your stake was compared to indica's and the idea that the quality of your posts was better than what you were getting and that it was partially his fault, is what really got into your heads. People kept trying to tell you to just keep going and keep posting and you'd be rewarded properly with time and you lost sight of that I think. It happens. The point is, we're all able to earn free money here (Those who didn't invest or invested and have already seen a return.) and being able to earn from posting about what we love, should be enough. Anything is better than nothing and a lot of people lost sight of that. It's ok to think about the money, but consider that it takes nothing to make money here and there's a lot to be made over time.

Glad to see you starting over tho. You have some good quality posts most of the time, even tho I'd like more pics sometimes. You have good quality content and it was a shame to see that disappear. It's a shame he doesn't post here anymore either, but it is what it is. Maybe he'll make his way back.

I've been an ass in the past, but I feel it was justified so I'm not going to apologize, rather, I'd like to extend a positive hand forward for the future. I've attempted this with others and for some it was well received, but others basically told me to fuck myself which is fine, I could care less. Just getting bored with fucking with people on this cluster now. There's not much for challenges in the intellectual department, so I'm going to use this cluster for other purposes now.

Not relevant to this post, but @unnamed, I stopped dev of my game when I started to lose faith after RC was added and sign ups weren't working. Two poor decisions imo. One still remains, but the more important one is active now. I'm considering continuing development, but I'd have to start from scratch again. Trashed the project I was working on. Wouldn't be hard to replicate it, as the code would remain the same in order to achieve the same results/structure, but it remains to be seen if it's worth the time/effort still. I think I'm going to put it on hold for another month and see how the goal of raising the value of smoke goes first. If we can see 0.16-0.2BTS~ range by the end of July, I'll start development again and invest more time into it than I initially had (I was spending about 2-3 hours a day, 3-4 days a week, coding before. I was making decent progress.)

I'd like for us to have a growing themed game, since there is so much you can do with that and I have so many ideas, but I'm not going to spend time on something that's coded around the smoke/steem JS, since it will not be easily convertible to a mobile game/browser game after the fact. When all of the inputs and returns are based off of a blockchain and it's blocks.... it's not so easy to convert into a different form.