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Please Share

The other day I wanted to look around youtube and theweedtube and see what kind of videos might be around. Well to the sad findings I really didn't find that much about anything on smoke and that is really just not a good sign at all.

So what have or can I do to help that? I have gone along and started to make a couple of videos on smoke network and will be making them on like how to sign up, and about keys and other things along that line as well to maybe get some traffic from them places that like to take videos.

So in this, all I am asking from the smoke community is maybe to share my videos when I do make them and I will make a post about them here so that way you can share the post and lead them to smoke again that may help drive traffic here who knows.

In this video, I went ahead and explained what smoke network is and the benefits of the smoke blockchain. I also went ahead and showed off some of the pitch deck to give a feel of what the ideas are around the smoke network and social network

I am also really looking for advice to make these videos better as the better I can make them the better chance the drive traffic to smoke and we, in the end, should be more members joining the community.

So please go share this post and this video and tell me what I did wrong :)



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Well on youtube you'll only find TikTok videos and nothing else. But yes, we haven't yet got our platform announced in the social media. But then we haven't got that much time either. This is a relatively new platform and considering the time, we are doing pretty well i think. I mean we have people from all over the world. And 1 person from one area will attract more and more people from that area. And yes i will share your videos.


Yeah we need to have others use social media as well as @smokenetwork team to use social media means as a way to try to bring traffic and I know that is in the works so it is best we all do our part as well

This was definitely needed! Re-smoked.
You might go through @unnamed FAQ and show some of it explained in video. Think it might be more easier for general population to get to know it.

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That would be a great idea, anything like that to help bring people here and some times videos might be easier for people.

Anything to help traffic here! Resmoked!

the only thing I would add to this is to promote original content. But I am on that kick today as you already know


I was going to get into that more in other videos as I get into how to post how to sign up and more into the documents.


Your post came at a great time, cause I think it is time everyone uses social media and shares links to posts, Not coping a post but a link, Buffer as @unnamed has shared is a great tool everyone can use to share a link to smoke on twitter and free you can have 10 stored to share