Get Smoke On Pixeos

9 months ago

Do you use eos at all? I have been using eos and tron to earn small amount divs from the Dapps they have on their chains.

I came across this Dapp called Pixeos Paint, More so to buy some the tokens and earn some divs and who knows what the future will bring to it.

Reason for me writing is not to pitch the Dapp but more to show off that I / We should work on getting the smoke name on this CRYPTO artwork.

Here is a photo of me starting the I have started with the S.

pixeos s.png

This S only cost me .56 eos I could have gone bigger but I am able to finish smoke for about 5 eos

So let us work as a community and get the Smoke name on Pixeos

Ref link -

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Im not familiar with that. What is that?


It is a Dapp on eos that you can buy pixels of art canvas. if someone buys your pixel you earn but when the first canvas is done they will auction it off. So if is on it that will be epic


I see. So its basically pixel art?


Yeah you pay and earn per pixel you buy