Do not CLICK APPROVE (Bitshares account)

6 months ago

This is a warning post, Might even be a spam post but I feel I need to make this post and will update as I get more information cause I would really hate for anyone to lose their BTS account.



this account commitee-security is going around trying to get people to change their owner key. If this shows up just leave it till it expires THAT IS ALL DO NOT CLICK IT AT ALL

as you can see they just keep sending them out to people on the BTS network


This is the account that is sending the spam to steal account ownership


edit: you can see here that committee-security took control of @jot-max bts was taken here wtf4


here is all the accounts that have given control so far.

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I only partly understand this, But thanks a lot for the heads up. It is cool to see the similarities between that shares and smoke and steem (and eos) though


The attack is basically a drive-by, possibly considered a loose form of phishing?

  1. Use a small amount of starting money to pay fees to send out 'Proposals' on bitshares; The proposals being requests for 'Owner' Access.
  2. For the random people that happen to click 'Accept' for whatever reason, and seem to not know what it did or how to reverse it, transfer their funds to the comittee-security account.
  3. Trade that crypto for more BTS to pay more fees for more 'Proposals' to get more crypto to worm their way to drive-by victory.
  4. ?????
  5. Underpants Gnomes.

They've actually been relatively successful from what I can see, I'm confused as to why they're being so slow. Maybe they're working on automation :(
I recieved one of the requests, and a flaw with bitshares in my opinion is that they didn't give any easy way to see what was being proposed. I ended up using a third party blockchain site, saw that it had something to do with owner keys, and nope.jpg'd out of there. Not even worth finding out if there's fees for hitting 'Reject'. I simply ignored it.


This is not the only account they sre using. I will post the other accounts today but seems They have a few they are using to yeah basically phishing link your account by you signing ownership


someone is sending out transaction to try and take owner ship of Bitshares accounts. IN the end steal your money by taking control the keys

steem,smoke,whaleshares are all built on same tech yeah

Thanks for the heads up! Although I would be skeptical about it if I've seen something like that myself, like everyone should.


Yeah, I was as well but I know ALOT will just click approve. As I am starting to see as I look it seems he may have taken over someone with 6k bts so that would be a bad loss to anyone


That's true.
Those pesky scammers are everywhere...


yup they sure are. It is sad really

Thanks for this information.. It will definitely save some people who may not understand the risk this pop ups from being a victim. Thanks again.

was thinking about creating a post on this before i saw your post, read about it on whaleshare on how some individuals lost their funds, but how can one stop this kind of phishing attact aside from ignoring it


I am unsure how to stop this, The bts team has some work ahead to fix this because if to much is lost this is going to hurt them a lot

The same day I read this is the same day I opened my BTS and I saw Approved,I just smiled, thanks for sharing this information


No problem, It would suck for anyone to lose out

Thanks you for posting this, I share it for more visibility. But it's funny how long some people goes just to scam other people. I can't believe this kind of thing can happen on bitshare but mehn! You've tried by making this post.