Why Should I Smoke! (True Story)

5 months ago

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Chapter I - The Tragedy

The True Story Based on My Experience.

For everyone else, probably seeing the smoker enjoyed the great green leaf in their negative sight-seeing, while I'm part of its. Some people still think in instant perceptions without learning and digging more deep into it. They just easily and smart in blamed and claimed somebody.

Why should I smoke! is an inspiration titled from my friend's tragedy where he get caught while distributing the marijuana in our land. Yup! The forbidden thing that he didn't do it, but the economic orientaion tells different. He sometime tell me about marijuana cultivation and how he succeed in distribution. I learned all of his experiemces told through story tell, and we shared each other opinion about how cannabis benefit while we compared with tobacco.

But, the fate fall on destiny, by the distribution time meet he get caught by one of his man (betray) whom cooperated with government. We knew that this is how the game played. While you didn't served well your man, there just come something unpredicted.

I'm just his friend which is mean I'm not his network, all I can do is to give him an advice and brightside anout everything he'll do. Before the D-Day fall, I've read the sign and learn his move that quite sloppy & messy. So then, I'll try to tell that this time you have to stop for while. But, who knows in front of me he nod his head and few days later I got news that he get caught by the shooting-chasing action, but thank God! He survived and none bullet hit on him, but he just fall when running by crowded people blocked the ways.

That was my friend's story as the distributor and smoker while he plays his mission, but unfortunately life & reality tells different story.

So, why should I smoke now?

The one that always with me when our smoking time begin and end, now he just another different sight-seeing of our story. Since that time, I take my lonely smoke time and try to read all those fire and smoked fly aways. Try to search an inspiration and how to enjoy this smoke more tasty.



On the night before he take the package delivery, he tells me something, its a story about how hard he fight the life. Started on the journey whereas he cultivated the marijuana in a remote land placed by a thousands range far away from the people (Village), and the place its like a movie story where nobody lives out there, but the things which is lives only jungle living-thing.

Time to time changed, till he spent 7 month and the harvest time is coming. At that time, their man comes to take the package and started delivery session into the consumer. While in this time, he wasn't person of delivery man but he stays in the camp by waiting the next instruction from the Network.

First distribution time succeed, and the second time just fall into quick. This time, he was the one choosen to send the package into out-land areas. While this time was different part with old-ways delivery. This time needs more strategy and tactics to make it worked it out.

So, he try to split the team into two group and first group was his team, while second group his man (youngest). First journey succeed while they passed the province border without any challenge but all worked as planned.

Then, when they entering the distribution areas, first time they land.

What a surprise!!!

There are too many polices split their group into each balcony as they interogate and check passenger stuff. First team landed easlier and they just get attention by the polices, without waiting the police come closer they just started to run and try to dissapeared. But, unfortunately that team formed by 3 man was caugth by the polices. After shooting-chasing action spent for about an hours, the first shooting actualy stated as the warning from the polices, but the next was the target aimed caused they started their run-away mission. In the end, all those team get caugth.

The question is, where's the second team!!!

What a crap! Who knows the one who claimed as trustworthy and make them as our truly friend/partner that stabbed from behind. The second team was never made their journey into the distribution land, but after passing the first border they just easily get caugth and cooporated with the governement as the deals for them to alleviate their punishment.

So, they tells every mission and strategy to government officers and keep cooperated till the first team caught and prisoned.

My friend, he just another man whereas get foolish by his own man. Now, he still in jail after the jurisdical process deals and he get nothing back-up or supported to defend his dispute from his network not others. I just wondered how hard is while I smoke here but he stays in jail (far away).

So then why should I smoke now! Meanwhile, my best friends in jail although our path is different in finding the better solution to come-over financial cases. While I take my own place try to stay away from forbidden law. Or should I take a tobacco cigar to come over this!

I don't know!; I can't smoke here!

The last word before our communication lost with my friend.


Why Should I Smoke

A True Story, Live Motivational Lesson

  • Chapter I - The Tragedy
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The story based on my experience discussion and hearing from my own friend, While I'm not one of them who try to againt the government law, I just listen the story and try to put in here as the life motivation, advice, and anything that falls on good side as our consideration before taking decision when we'll do something.

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