Why Should I Smoke! - [Chapter II-The Long Run]

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The Dawn Has Its Secret

I don't know, I can't smoke here

The last word from my friend as the last time our communication ended. After that, we never had a single chat or phone-call to say hello each other. I don't know! Whether the regulation inside the prison forbid the phone use to communicate or etc.

Just let it gone by gone; but now you should learn something what you passed and going on,

The words that out of my mouth in reducing the sense of heart breaking to Johny (let say this is his name/A.K.A). He just thinking about the last words of mine, without expression but what its shown from his face was regretful.

The dawn has fall, means its time to work!

I try to grab my cigarette then put the light on it. The smoke pull out and created the harmony cloud on my room. I just think about the other smoke means. Imagine the taste of its, when the first pull gone, but now its only another stories of my memories. Those story was the best memory I ever had with Johny.

I keep try to pull this cigarette smoke to smoke, till the whole room foggy. Then I try to reach the phone, and by the time I opened. There're a message from Johny:

My friend! I will have a long journey here, the cases already announced, and the verdict of mine was settled and its about 5 years more I'll be stayed here, thanks for everything, just wish me luck here!

After reading the message, I just amazed by myself. Try to see other people cases whereas they got mercy or amnesty or what ever it is by the Law it self. Would it be because of the man behind the scene in supporting or etc. But, my friend, johny have no man behind his back to support in cash or administration side. Nor the parlement or officers he had, he just alone in the other land where it far away from home.

Finally, he realized that:

If he want reached on top of mountain, he must pass a thousand challenge foward as struggle to fight for.

The words sent to me.


The Long Run


The photograph shown as the ilustration only, but this is how look like Aceh Cannabis Cultivation Field

The day before Johny selected as the man on the field. He was in the camp within their cultivation land (Cannabis). The large area and well green nature ahead painted the beautiful scene when Johny sit on the forhead camp. By the time, they received the message that their position spotted by the government, all the members in the areas try to evacuate (Cannabis) as much as he could saved.

The packaged already set to send, and johny took the package and start to move by leaving the garden (Camp) within a thousand cannabis planted and seed. He just remind what his Leader message told about:

Take the easiest things to save is a must, than taking any risk to save the hardest one but disaster

In the long run trip after the garden spotted, johny succeed to get out and reached his home. Besides the other man of his group in the camp remained unknown, but lately the report says that his friend caught when they try to left the garden.

Since the successful long run time, Johny decided to keep low profile for a while by managing his network in secret and none knows about it. At that time, the might green leaf was in his control, as he just give freely to some of closed friends to enjoyed (weed or eat/dish). Johny was known by the friendly man to his members and friends, including me as his friend.

I just amazed by his well skilled in rolled the cannabis and picking the best one through the smell and taste. He just well dedicated man with his job.

To be continued...


Why Should I Smoke

A True Story, Live Motivational Lesson

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Chapter II - The Long Run
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The story based on True Event along with editorial addition, and its also based on my experience in discussion and hearing from my own friend as the resources to the main figure of the story, While I'm not one of them who try to againt the government law, I just listen the story and try to put in here as the life motivation, advice, and anything that falls on good side as our consideration before taking decision when we'll do something.

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