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Love them or hate them, there are plenty to choose from. But do we really need them when we already have Bitcoin? My short answer is NO. You might ask why. Well, thank you for asking.
It’s like 97% of the cryptocurrencies out there are total crap, and most of the time are scams or fail to deliver despite all fancy looking websites they have. Bitcoin gave us a solution to a free internet economy over 10 years ago. With very few exceptions, most of the blockchains out there are forks of the Bitcoin protocol, they do more or less the same thing - transfer digits from one wallet to another. And if you are really concerned with privacy you can always use one of the more private coins like Monero. Try buying weed from the dark web with a cannabis coin or in real life. Offer your weed guy some cannacoins for a pound of weed and watch his reaction.
After the 2017 ICO craze thousands of new cryptocurrencies entered the market, all trying to solve something Bitcoin solved long time ago, but with a different pitch. Everything else was just marketing. I love cannabis and everything that goes with it, and as much as I like to have some cannacoins for example, besides dumping them in the right moment they don't do anything for me. The market is still very volatile, and very often people buy or sell based on their emotions. Bad idea!

Enter Smoke.

Smoke on the other hand is very different. It's not a financial service, but it can also be used to transfer money from one person to another, anonymously if needed. It's a social media with some extra good features. In a highly connected world social media are one of the biggest players around. Almost everybody is on some kind of social media, even my mom! Smoke has a great potential to kick off and BUIDL an amazing community based around cannabis culture. This is very different from any other weedcoin or Bitcoin rip off.
Blockchain technology is evolving and is opening doors for new opportunities and financial freedom, social media are getting bigger with each passing day, and cannabis is slowly being accepted around the world. What more one would want? I see a bright future for this platform, as long as we form as a strong community. And with the current low price of altcoins are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Buy Smoke while it’s cheap!

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I followed other Cannabis related coins. A lot of drama is there after hardforks, to get the new coins. Some people completely lost their stash not taking part in these hardforks.

They are just Bitcoin/Dash copycats and don't solve any problems the industry have. Therefore they are worthless and I am glad I didn't invest any penny in such coins.

Yeah all the cannabis coins are garbage, I was invested in a couple here and there and none not a single one did anything useful that bitcoin or dash can't do.

Smoke is a huge difference from this. Smoke has real world use case and like you said is far far different then bitcoin

You are puming that Smoke!