When you're too stoned to read the Smoke whitepaper

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Can SMOKE become something more than a hub for stoners? Is SMOKE a social platform just for the cannabis community or it could become something more? These are questions I ask myself everyday.

SMOKE is slowly but surely becoming THE cannabis social network on the web. Thanks to the blockchain we can be almost 100% curtain that SMOKE will survive a censorship war. Cannabis culture is being driven away from platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Google etc. I guess the main reason is that they have a monetary incentive not to advocate weed and its benefits. As more and more platforms are being pressured to take down cannabis related pages people will start to search for alternatives, and will come to SMOKE eventually. I'm sure we still have a long way to go to reach mass adoption, not to mention global cannabis legalisation. We are getting there. The first steps are always the hardest.
If SMOKE does not fail under the pressure of the crypto market and institutions we have a real chance to build a social network for the next generation Internet. A place for education and interaction with fellow stoners. An open platform for all. A place where censorship is cast only upon the bad apples in the basket. It may sound like a Utopian idea, but now for the first time in human history we have the technology to achieve that, if only we start to work together for a common goal! I don't know about you, but I envision SMOKE as an open platform for anyone to join, regardless if they use cannabis or not. After all it is a social media. SMOKE should welcome all. Some of the top smokers here are artists, poets and painters. They are very successful on SMOKE even if they don't grow or sell weed. I think there is a place for everybody under the blockchain as long as they use it with respect and caution.
As more people join SMOKE we are going to see an increase in #offtopic posts. More tags are going to be created that will not be connected with cannabis. I personally don't see any harm in that as long as we help new users use the appropriate tags and handle spam. Where many failed we can excel. I like to keep SMOKE a cannabis social media, but I don't want to see it fail because we could not handle the flock of new users who have no idea what they are doing here once they join. To many it may look like just another social media, but SMOKE can much more. Let's educate each other and help SMOKE achieve its full potential!

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Offtopic is always the most active board on even focused forums. That is ok.

But there is a thing beyond just the content. SMOKE has the goal to become an economy, in which the token is used both to purchase advertising on the platform but also within Point-of-sale payment methods.

As such, whitepaper reading required, Smoke is not just generalized “social media” (whatever that is, user generated content applies better tbh). Smoke has a vision of attracting related industry players, whether that be hardware manufacturers, seed banks, or dispensaries is all open. It could even be that somebody builds a third-party vendor market place on the platform.

Key to attract those participants is the niche focus. They are not interested in opening their feed and seeing it full with blogging about baby products. They will want to promote their products to a targeted niche.

If you read the whitepaper, you will note that the advertising platform which will be integrated will have only minimal tracking and offer targeting only on a country level, on a state level even requiring opt-in by the user. In order to avoid needing to become just like the other “social media” platforms and develop high level tracking and targeting, based on content keywords and eventually also user profiles, anything which dilutes and takes Smoke to a general platform... just a copy of what is already available elsewhere but with maybe a slightly larger smoking audience.

The “social media” aspect is just one part of SMOKE. Offtopic is fine, offtopic is great but the main focus should be maintained because otherwise the token will never become a cannabis token and thus also miss its vision and goal.

By being targeted, and having actual future usecases which can be benchmarked against “real money” SMOKE has a potential to actually not be trapped by the usual crypto market rollercoaster.


I agree, we should not forget why SMOKE exists. I truly believe that goal is within our reach. The fact remains that some people post content not directly related to cannabis or SMOKE but use it as their main blog, and get votes. In a decentralised platform users can use it anyway they like, regardless what the core idea of the platform is. Should we treat is as something more right now?
One day the SMOKE token can open opportunities for its niche. But currently I can't buy weed legally even with Bitcoin in my country. I have to accept that in some countries this model will never work, because of corrupt politicians and bad policies.
I like this place better than any social media right now, even though I will never buy weed from it.
Thanks for your reply!


It’s a difficult one, isn’t it?

But some more thoughts:

  1. There’s countries where porn is illegal, yet that doesn’t mean those producers open up to broaden their scope for those countries.
  2. If you go to a [centralized] sports platform and you start promoting opera, you won’t have much success and may be bullied out of the door
  3. Plumbers make good money yet many people will never consider becoming a plumber
  4. See first line in my initial reply. It will always be an active section and that’s awesome. I can not necessarily post what I would love to post either. Hello, Duterte is the President who rules where I reside.

But the moment we start promoting it [because decentralized] rather than considering it an appendix... then we open the floodgates and may as well just give up. Because rewards also already lead to rewrite #3. Just like [decentralized] blogging has previously created many a new “authority”.

I came here because I think the niche is important, the cause matters and, in a not hostile but caring way, will always defend the focus. In fact, that’s a central element in our witness setup. Even though my two co-witnesses do not smoke.

Part of decentralization was also ideology. Nothing in that states that we can’t have a focused mission just because... decentralized and social media. Bloggers, user generated content, did democratize publishing and yet most sites which became important were all topical niche focused. Only very few like Mashable did go very broad, but then again... anybody who knows their story also remembers that Mashable was a listicle incubator (and submission platform for very little monetary rewards) targeted almost solely at the then uber popular Digg. So it was always rather broad in scope already.

##Edit:** More than Steem even, this is a pioneering platform. We can but dilute its potential IMHO. We can but should we because we are working at a future purpose?


It comes down to not losing focus why SMOKE exists, and helping others envision the same common goal. This is really hard in a decentralised platform. As you said SMOKE is a great advocate for the cannabis culture in a totally not hostile but caring way. In my country people are not educated at all on the topic of cannabis and its benefits.
If anything else, SMOKE is a great source of genuine information and feedback for the cannabis growers and users and this already adds enormous value to the platform.


All of the above.

Let’s never forget that if we had asked people in 1993 what would become one of the most important things in their life barely anyone would have replied the Internet.

Even in 2002 many would still rather have sniffed at us, years after the dotcom crash already, yet now a large part of those same people don’t lift their head from their mini screens and connected life anymore.

Amazon, PayPal and so many more were all doomed and would never make it.

I don’t know many markets which achieved +100bn marketcap in 10 years only. But the Internet has done that time after time and never looked back, no matter what struggles encountered.

With ongoing legislation everywhere... this could be yet another repeat and SMOKE can become a massive power player [platform] in that niche.


Amen, brother!

People won't get large rewards for entirely off topic content, that'll probably be a large enough deterent.

If you're usually posting cannabis content then posting high quality of topic content then there's nothing to worry about


This is true. The incentive for bigger rewards will drive people to post more cannabis related content. This is where curation will shine as long as we don't let users with huge stakes abuse and milk the rewards. Right now I would say that the posts with the highest rewards deserve their rewards. If you put something relevant you will get a decent amount of SMOKE tokens, thanks to the big guys who distribute the rewards. Thanks for that and not looking only for a quick way to earn some easy money. Unlike Steem you don't really need to buy SP to get noticed.
It's one thing to focus on the rewards, another to build something of value.


People won't get large rewards for entirely off topic content, that'll probably be a large enough deterent.

That sounds like a reasonable line to take. Also, I think the case of off-topic will and should be judged person to person. Like you said, it matters if a user has a history of cannabis related content, because it more likely means that they're also invested into the platform and being part of the community. Not just taking the rewards and running away. That's really important especially on these early days of distributing stake to build a solid foundation for the platform.

I understand it's decentralised but moving away from the main reasons for smoke being created would not do so well for the platform. Keeping it niche would be the right way, especially for long term imo.

From the whitepaper...