Trying to promote Smoke to my brother

last year


Sometimes no matter how hard you try, certain people just refuse to listen to you. Like my smart ass brother who's living with our parents right now because he can't afford a rent. I wanted to introduce him to Smoke, being the person that I am I thought I can really help with his situation. But being the person that he is - a slacker who plays computer games 12 hours a day we got into an argument. He like to consider himself as a professional gamer, because he makes around $5 a day playing trading card games online. He also accused me of being a cryptoaddict!!! Is that even a word, cryptoaddict?!

You see, unlike my brother I have a life. I have no time for silly card games. It's like I don't spend the whole day just wasting my time in front of the computer buying and selling imaginary dragons. The internet awaits me. I have to chain some blocks today. I'm a day trader for God's sake! I pump by day and dump by night. This is serious! I need to spread the word of Satoshi Nakamoto, father of Bitcoin, Lord of the blockchain and ruler of all cryptos.

May the the blockchain be with you!

#meme #funny #crypto #games

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O this is real everywhere I guess. My best friend love the lazy fuck but he isnthe same way trying to make it big time wirh fortnight and I of course laught and laugh.

Then I tell him about places like smoke (he grows his own by the way) and yet he still trys tk say he will make a vegas tournament some time.

That cryptoaddict love that one for sure.


Some people never learn.

Keep trying though. I got a lot of people into steemit and only one stuck around, and he's really glad he did. Got him to create an account here, now trying to get him more active ;)

People don't even trust their friends no more! You'd think your word would be enough with a brother!

it is a hard rocky road!

If he's playing videogames 12hrs a day, he could be streaming so as to make money. Can't force people to do stuff though, to each their own 🤷‍♂️