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last year


As someone who is smoking weed for more than 15 years I'm afraid to do a calculation how much money I've spent on MJ. Whatever the amount is, I don't really care. Spending money on weed is probably one of the best decisions I've made.
Over the years I noticed that I don't like to spend money on things. I like to live a more simple life with fewer possessions. The less stuff I have the better I feel. I only buy things that are necessary for my modest way of living. Weed seems to be the perfect companion when you live such a lifestyle.
As I entered the crypto space my interest in this world-changing technology has grown with each passing day. It took me some time to understand how it all works, but once I figured out that the blockchain and decentralization are the future, my appetite for more knowledge grew by the day.
Today I spend my money mostly on weed and crypto. I may look like a crazy person in the eyes of others but I know that in the near future I'll be the one who's laughing ever harder.

Blaze it!

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Thanks for the invite. See you there!

I am really glad meeting people with the same mindset.

Minimalism, Crypto and Weed is the perfect combination against a world of fast paced materialism and egoism.


Yes, the holly trinity :)

There is no better way to spend it, Weed and least here you won't be judged.


We'll just going to wait and see about that. People on social media seem to be very judgemental when you don't fit in their "category".