#MusicForStoners: Share Your Favorite Weed Music Video And I Will Send You 4.20 Smoke!

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I'm starting a little music game here on Smoke called #MusicForStoners. It's a fun little experiment I've been thinking about lately. The idea is pretty simple: I want to hear what all you stoners here on Smoke are listening to. Share one of your favorite tracks in the comments with a link from Youtube or other source and I'll send you 4,20 Smoke tokens for participating in the creation of the first community generated playlist on the platform. There are no limits to the genre of the tracks, they can even not be related to weed at all, but you enjoy while high.

If there is anything I love more than weed it's music. Just like weed music can bring communities together and we all can have an awesome time sharing what we love most.

OK, so I will start first with my entry. Here we go!

PS: Giveaway ends on March 23.


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Love smoking for 70s/80s parties so have some old fashioned music video.


Good vibes!


Aside from the good vibes in that type of 70s music, weed has an almost magical impact on lots of funk/soul/Motown music.

To me it lays bare multiple layers in that music and truly elevates it.

And disco parties will never get old. 😁


I have many favorite videos, practically an arsenal, but I'll leave you 2 classic Old School videos, I hope you enjoy it:



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Boom! reposted.

I like this remix a lot


Blaze it!

Ah cool idea. Have to get some blunt representation in the mix - Hip Hop from 2003 it's Missy Elliot's Pass That Dutch :)


Nice, thanks!

The tune! You will be singing this one on for days...
Eek a mouse - I love weed


Hahah , good one!

I love kicking back and watching Umphreys high. The light show is amazingly trancifying.



It takes a downvote to shove it right up your assume biddy cukler