Introducing myself...sort of

last year

Hello and happy new 2019!

First of all, I like to wish all of you a great year, filled with joy and good vibrations.
I didn't intend to do an introduction post at all, I didn't intend to blog at all, but since my arrival yesterday some people here got concerned, and some, I imagine, were really happy about it, based on the votes and comments I got.

Why I'm here?

There are several reasons why I joined Smoke. I guess the main reason is that I'm really disappointed in Steem. I joined it back in 2016 when it was just a small platform. It kinda reminds me of Smoke right now. There was a small core of dedicated people who were contributing to the platform and it seemed only good thing will come out of it. As we can see today Steem is run by guilds, it's full of voting bots, spam, almost all of the people there are just to grab some easy rewards.


You see, after seeing how a great project turns into trash you start looking for alternatives. I tried many of the newly emerged blockchain social platforms out there like and all the small platforms that are being built right now, but they are not managed in the best way and have a long way to go.
Another major reason is that I want to take some of my Steem stake I've accumulated over the past three years into a platform with higher potential. In the course of the next months, I plan to slowly buy smoke tokens and vest them here.
The fact that Smoke is concentrated only in cannabis culture IMO is greatly helpful, as other social media are trying to cover all aspects of life. This creates a highly versatile community that rarely comes to a consensus. I like this idea being focused only on one major topic and building a community around that.

Who am I?


An actual picture of me
I'm Satoshi Weedamoto. I like to have fun and smoke weed. Blogging is not really my thing. I can write long posts but I prefer to spend my time smoking weed and enjoying myself by making my own original memes and reading what people have to say and share. I'm very open minded and I'm always ready to listen and discuss topics I'm interested in. Things that get my attention are art, music, news, technology and that good old Merry Jane.

My plan.

The plan is simple. Power up some Smoke tokens and curate good content. Despite what some people here are concerned with, I'm not going to spam and flood the network with stupid stolen memes who are out of context. This is how I touch on different subjects and open some space to discuss an issue. If a picture can say a thousand words, a meme can too. I know that there are many people out there who just steal content and spam. I'm not here to do that. I'll keep my memes as low as one meme a day, and if you happen to be an ol' grumpy pothead, feel free to Mute me anytime.

So there you have it. I'm here to help the community grow in a healthy way and bring a smile on your faces when you are high as fu*k and want some 100% organic homegrown memes.

Blaze it!


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Welcome to smoke. Hopefully this niche platform will prove a better choice for you! Here’s to an amazing 2019 and an awesome time on SMOKE! 🤘


Best of wishes!

  ·  last year

Welcome to smoke platform and have a great experience around..
feel free to read the content guide it helps a lot to finding your way around.

Smoke on!!

Glad to have more explanation after yesterday. Good luck in here my friend!

Welcome to smoke, looking forwards to some original memes 👌


Thanks for the warm welcome.

Welcome to smoke @satosiweedamoto, hope to get some good laughs from your memes