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Creating a fantastic network like ours is only half the journey. Bringing the platform to fresh users is what really pushes a community to grow and improve upon. That's why promoting SMOKE is essential if we want to see this place flourish. Many people here already are doing a wonderful job promoting SMOKE with their art and campaigns, and this only shows that we are heading in the right direction. We may be a small family now, but imagine where SMOKE will be in 5 years. In crypto time, this is ages! As social media and cannabis become more mainstream we can expect millions of new users.
I've put my trust in SMOKE not only with words, but also with my hard earned crypto I've made over the years. I try to power up as much as I can. I also participate in trading SMOKE on RUDEX, as I do my small part in bringing more liquid SMOKE to the market. Last month I've initiated a campaign to put SMOKE on the BAT network. I'm surprised how quickly the developers embraced the idea and now SMOKE is an official Brave Verified Publisher. Read this for more on the topic. Now anyone can download the Brave Browser and send tips in BAT tokens directly to without any investment!

Promoting SMOKE on

State of the DApps is the largest curated directory of Decentralized Applications, also called DApps running on various blockchains. You can find thousands of great projects for the next generation of decentralized Internet. Anyone can add and showcase a DApp, so I did what every good stoner would do and submitted Smoke and voila!

Right now we are at rank 353 out of 2,667, which is really good considering I added it only a couple of days ago. Since stateofthedapps is publicly curated and tracks statistics we can all participate and hit a like and leave nice a review.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 10.21.33.png

Let's help Smoke reach the top!


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Thanks for promoting Smoke on Stateofthedapps.
We will start to get backlinks / This is great.
Keep the good work.

Everyone should enable tips for their websites on Brave. Just register an uphold account and go from there. I get about $10 on my site each month from Brave. My hosting costs around $15 per month so its good to know that some of my costs get covered :)

It's good to elevate smoke. io to others people that think smoke is not good for them whereas they need smoke in everyday of their life.

great job