Crypto or...Cannabis? Test your knowledge

last year

That's a fun video I stumbled upon today on Cointelegraph. I was surprised when I saw the title Crypto or...Cannabis. Looks like slowly but surely people are starting to connect the dots. A new generation of crypto stoners is arising. But until then lets see if people can distinguish between cannabis strains and altcions.

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Music and effects make me think they confused Ehrlich Bachman’s peyote trip with cannabis. Them valley kids. :D

Something on the internet or some shit like that :D

This is pretty cool, but she gave the answer before I could say it a couple times, boo! Plus lol at holding the wee microphone out haha! The video's graphics were pretty cool 👍

But aye, cannabis or crypto? Why not both? 👌



I'm staring at z-tron-gorilla-coin right now and I don't know whether to hodl it or smoke it.