, a first look

3 months ago

I'm still very new here, so it might be a little ballsy of me to throw out any criticisms or even praises for that matter, but hear me out. 

What I love about

The whole concept is great. Getting actual crypto currency for being a valuable contributor to the community. And even greater so, is that the community is a Marijuana community. It is a fantastic concept and I think I’m going to stick around for a while.

Concerns / Questions / Suggestions:

I re-iterate, I’m very new here, so maybe I’m not understanding the concept yet. So please take this with a grain of salt and please tell me if there is a good reason why things are the way they are.

  1. Before I signed in the first time, I was expecting more of a Facebook User Interface. Yes, there is a page with posts by friends/people you follow, but it’s always a post. I was expecting a timeline with various types of posts, like simply sharing a link, or a video, or just writing a one-liner etc. Everything right now has to happen within the context of a large post and they always look the same on the feed. Is this on purpose, or will eventually become open in this regard?
  2. Posts are also not standardized. For example, guys can add green and blue and fonts etc. This might be on purpose, but some posts don’t come across very professional because of this. Will things stay like this or is there any ideas around the standardization of content?
  3. It's not easy to upload images. Seems you can only link out to content externally, and not upload images directly to
  4. There are still quite a few bugs that I came across. It might be flood protection, but for example, if I click on the “follow” link next another user, I can only click one at a time. If I click a few in a row, it doesn’t register all of them and actually throws an error. Is there perhaps a way to report these or a way that one can get involved in the actual development of the frontend to assist in solving these types of issues? Bonus if you get earn Smoke for development! That would be awesome!
  5. While I can’t see it fitting in just yet, but are there any plans to allow other types of profiles? For example, I might want a profile for myself, but I also want to own a page for my business that does its own posts. I can open two accounts, sure, but it would be great if it was all interlinked!
  6. The little man in the corner, for the gleam comp, isn’t working properly. If you click on it, the window jumps around in Chrome. Maybe just make this a new page instead of a popup? 
  7. What about notifications? Would be great if I could see when people liked my stuff, or commented on my stuff etc. 

I’m sure I can mention many other points, but before I get egged, let me first see how this post goes. And again, please don’t hesitate to correct me if I’m missing why things are the way they are. 

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Since I’m on mobile, just some quick responses: is a dApp, an interface to the Smoke blockchain. A MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Anybody can develop their own dApp, and give it whichever functionality they wish.

Want to build a theweedtube? Go ahead.
Smokestagram? Go ahead.
Aso aso aso

Image upload should work upto 4MB, best with images smaller than 2000px width.

The frontend ( is open source, so is the blockchain itself (github is linked on

AFAIK the load balancer is not.
Technical detail: follows are expensive in CPU on RPC nodes. Currently with the available RPC nodes the load balancer still throttles rather quickly but only heavy, non-usual usecases should be affected.

Notifications: somebody build a discord notification bot service. Join here and go to the register-afiabot channel.

Welcome to the world of decentralization and decentralized FOSS. 🦇

What unnamed is trying to tell you, is that you are adding content to a blockchain. Which is a decentralized technology. is simply a frontend or a dapp like fb is an application. Both are using different protocols in the background. I guess I will be corrected here. Just trying to build a bridge for someone who's obviously totally new to the topic.

If you want notifications, use discord and afiabot. Here's the discord server. Log in there and register afiabot for notifications.

Welcome to the blockchain and another hint because you commented on one of my comments: A friendly attitude helps you gain more followers. :)

Hey man, Just seeing this post, I am writing so I remember to come answer you when I get to my pc.

These are all great questions.