She Was There Long Before - Spoken Word Poetry

9 months ago

Spoken Word Poetry: Free Verse 

Spoken word poetry is a form of art best performed in storytelling by reading it out  loud with soft music as a background and audience performing a dance of their own choice depending on how the interpretation is done. 

This poem is dedicated to those who are badly seeking for the medical attention of marijuana, my Maryjane.   


She was there long before

She was treated so well when there were no rules to follow

You can find her pretty face so happy roaming along the meadows

Under the moonlight blue

Over the mountains, over the hills

She's free as a bird , they only wanted a part of her

To fill the brokenhearted in need of her love

To cure their weary mind

But, why oh, why did you hate her so?

Was her love not enough?

It was a tough decision

To go on with the mission

Her heart was broken not healing their moaning

Hardcourts brightened the limelight in broad daylight

'Twas soon abandoned, accused of using you

Chairs and bleachers were vacated for reasons beyond reasonable doubts

Yet others tried to lead where angels fear to tread

They soon flew with the angels up high in the sky

You will soon be great again

Not only here and there, but across the universe

She was there long before you and I were born

Oh hark, hark! Let her be the ruler of her own

My beloved Maryjane!

***free verse***

#art #life #maryjane

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Beautiful @sarimanok!


Thank you! With fingers crossed that marijuana will soon be legalized not only in selected places but also here and abroad.

That's it Mary Jane of your life.. You have the magic dear @sarimanok


Just feeling the blues again, dear. I wish can have one of that for our ailing body. It's getting colder everyday here! Thanks for the visit though, it lifts my spirit when I see someone on my page.

When your closest friend is your art, it can tear you apart.

If you won't just irregular, you will become a famous star.

Keep going you will be not only here and there, you will be everywhere.

The lord stops only where is creativity, I got your poem as a virtuosity.


Thanking you for such beautiful praises
But pray, tell me why
Did your friends tear you apart
or where they just a part before you depart
I'd like to be a star like you
A dream that will never be a reality
So let's just puff says the magic dragon

Lovely lovely poem.... just keep on writing from your heart ! Cheers!


Thanks dear, there are times when you just need some air . It's really disgusting when you want to taste the healing powers of marijuana and you just couldn't do it. You see, I have read the story of Viola wherein her illness was treated by using marijuana. Correct me if am wrong. We really need it. I can see you're doing well with your toke. More puffs to you.

That's an amazing masterpiece and I want more of your free verse @sarimanok it's nice to read some from poetry it sometimes make you dig deeper under the earth and sow seeds of cannabis, hahaha...
Keep on!


Indeed, my friend. When you think deeply, it just flows on___ you can finish it in such a short time. I had been reading the posts of @lordoftruth and it came into my mind that those people accused of using marijuana had used it for medical purposes. But then the law was too strict during that time. At least more countries are now accepting the use of marijuana. Anyways, I got a real 'match' today...... wait for my recipe.


I got a real 'match' today...... wait for my recipe.

recipe means... you keep us salivating while waiting, lololollll...