My Entry for 420Freewrite with the Prompt: 'BAKED' by @d00k13

last year

The photo above was personally taken by me before delivering our orders.

Getting baked when you’re baking something is somewhat discouraging, but there’s a saying that nothing is perfect in this world. With baking, you need to have the perfect recipe to meet the right measurements in every cup of each ingredient. Actually, I used to bake cakes in different occasions and some of which I drop in coffee shops and food stalls then collect my sales in the afternoon. I also made wedding cakes for special orders. One time, I was so excited with my four-storey wedding cake order. To my dismay, the two layers did not rise accordingly. I kept on thinking what went wrong, to find out later that I forgot to put the baking powder and baking soda. I got baked with my own clumsiness. But then, it was not at all a failure since it was still delicious. I made thin slices of the banana cake and toasted it. It was like an unleavened bread! The kids loved it too. This is one of the complexities when you bake a cake. You need to have presence of mind or else you will be in trouble!

My mother-in-law once had a restaurant in front of the public market. Our market day is every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Our place is highly agricultural because of its rich natural resources wherein most people depend on their harvest. Since we had a restaurant, people would flock there including the peddlers. The good thing is everybody knows everybody here and one would readily know if you’re a stranger of this place. It’s a close-knit community. My mother-in-law would buy one whole basket of green bananas and cassava including a basketful of guavas and pineapples. The guavas and pineapples will be for my jellies and jam.

The green bananas and cassava will be peeled at night after the restaurant is closed for the day. The green bananas will be peeled and mashed while the cassavas will be peeled at soaked in a bucketful of water to preserve its freshness before it is grounded manually. Cassava cake preparation is a bit complicated to make but I had no problem with that since I let others do the task. The funny thing is that I let the suitors of my two sisters-in-law do the grinding while they’re busy chatting. They’re both soldiers and they’re too willing to do their task just to have a longer talk with the girls. 

I bake the banana cake in two ways. Some will go to the oven and some will be steamed. I prefer the steamed one for consumption though of course, the baked ones lasts longer. For the cassavas, it needs to be squeezed with a sack cloth first in order to remove the juice before mixing with the needed ingredients. I also use three methods in baking cassavas. It’s either baked, steamed or wrapped and rolled in young banana leaves. After setting all in the oven, I will let our helper watch over it while me and my kids will go to the little movie house to watch some funny movies, for about 30 minutes.

It was a Sunday market day when our family friend passed by to buy two layers of baked banana cakes. He was a bit drunk. He said that it will be a “peace” offering for his wife. The following day, he got a black eye and told me it was my fault though he was sheepish and smiling. I asked him: why? Because when he woke up, he didn’t know where the cake was and to whom did he gave those cakes. Well, he got baked! He remembered later on that he passed by a little bar and gave the banana cake to the girls. Lol.

Thanking for @d00k13 for this 420freewrite with the prompt: Baked

Thank you and more puffs to you all on this pandemic. Keep safe everyone.

Till then,

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Excellent 😎 Thank you for participating! Looks as if this was been a 420 SMOKE rewarding #420freewrite for you 😅 love when the numbers like up!

Such a tail of baked curiosities 🤣 did you know that most new recipes are created by accident as well as all the big baking discoveries including leavening?

Up & ReSmoked!


Thanks! Actually, I prefer Baking powder rather than baking soda. I don't like the stale smell much more its taste. I know it's for softening esp in muffins. To me it seems cheap in taste or something. In one of my research before, I remember that the excess of yeast when developed as leavening, were made as seasoning to enhance the flavor of the food preparation. The same is being applied to crunchy snacks. Those additives will tend to open the taste buds of the eater making him'her long for more., the effect of which could make esp kids to be restless and over energetic. Oh well, that's another!