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4 months ago


Well it has been 14 orbits since I planted all of the seeds for this years outdoor grow! Out of the 7 seeds I have sowed, I have 3 babies growing! 1 Vanilla Kush, 2 JCExtreme NoName.



I have been keeping them at 18 hours of light 6 hours of dark. The temp is averaging 68°F constant. My moisture level seems to be doing good, however I don't think I will use these paper pots again. I think they hold too much moisture for too long of a time. I think that is why my Vanilla Kush is looking a bit curled and soft. Not rigid like I expect a cannabis plant to be, she may have gotten a bit water logged. To bad, for as I read, gender is determined by the third week. I'm just at week 2. I hope this stress will not hinder the plant from being a lil ol lady.



A bird's-eye view of the setup...


Here are a few shots of the Vanilla Kush in her infancy. I am astounded how purple the stem is. Yes, the lights have a bit of an added coloring to them, however compared to the JCExtreme NoName, the stem is bleeding.





Here are a couple of shots of the JCExtreme NoName #2...



You can see her first stage of 3 tine leaf tips forming. I have found they present usually 5 days after the seedling sprouts. All three of these plants took 5 days to show the first signs of stage 1. Overall, I think this is my best looking baby!


Here are some shots of the other JCExtreme NoName #1 baby...



As you can see here, her first stage is showing as well. However, something funky is going on here. Notice the tips of the stage 1 tines showing. They are not very pointy, almost look like they may be deformed. Only time will tell.


Every day of their sweet little lives has had 3 suns. This is what my babies awake to every morning! Also the last thing they see at night. Hopefully, flying them to a new planet with 1 sun won't bother them much!



Thank you for checking out the log...Until next time, Smoke, Grow, Repeat!



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Testing: 68°F.


Thinking it was my alt key combination? I still couldn’t post the entire post. Hmm. I will redo it tomorrow. Without the degree sign.


It would be u+00B0. 0010 is for escaping.

Not sure the markdown form parses that correctly though. But the chain could choke on wrong use of escaping.

I’m beginning to get frustrated with smoke. I can continually update a post and comment and vote, however if I were to copy and paste this exact post you have just seen in its entirety I get a posting authority error. What has happened??


Bugs happen. Sadly enough. On every platform.

If only I knew what exactly the chain chokes on but I can not find anything irregular in that post.

I must be overseeing something. Or we have another issue since recent on the chain but others manage to post so it must be something post specific. Especially since you even tried via another submission form and that failed too. :/