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2 months ago

Good to see things moving in a forward direction! Nice project @d00k13. This post is just to help you test.




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Side note this is how someone could setup notifications for ... using private discord channel use discord bot monitorss(5 slots free) watching created via can generate a fast update link from community premium account) then those that want new post notifications could set notifications on ...... if each person does this with a personal server and free plans on monitorss and fetchrss they could get notifications of what ever they choose in discord OR any other any other mobile RSS feed app ... push notifications on a work around? Still playing...


Forwards 15mins of thought ... why isn’t RSS built into our DPoS pages like with Wordpress? I assume then even comments could dump to a feed for push to where ever people want ... I think @unnamed will the one to talk to more 😏


Funny you are running down the RSS route. I just made a discord bot that scrapes RSS feeds. You are saying Smoke has a feed? What’s the addy?


I had to take the scrapper route using but I was saying RSS should be something we have built in at least till push notifications are enabled in other ways

15 mins 👍 spread the word for me 🙏

How to find One Love Community. You can give any type of link.


It’s a dev thing right now, @d00k13 can help you with the community link.

Good project man

It's beautiful seeing a community so united