Buying Up The Smoke When I Can

last year

Friday Smoke-In (Platform Building)

Bought some more Smoke tonight. Ended up getting just over 1366 sent in to the platform. Almost feel raped with the fee out of, they got me for a cool 97 Smoke. Am I wrong? I get there needs to be some sort of fee but almost 20¢? Looking at it that way, it is only around 1¢ per 1$, I guess that isn't something I have grounds to prop up my soap box. Anyway, it feels good to know I am doing the most I can to promote and support this community platform. I have met a lot of great individuals on With more great cannabis enthusiasts joining us everyday!
Once my Smoke leaked onto the platform liquid like, I dealt it up to the Smoke Power gods. 1200 and some change more circulating Smoke has been younked out of the market and is now re-invested into the platform.


I really agree with the focus and direction of the Smoke Network and look forward to all it will bring and become in just the near future. There are a lot of very passionate smokers/tokers/jokers involved with this project and this is evident everyday with the well put together blogs. Not to mention the fact it demonstrates to the world some highly intellectual conversations a dope head can be involved in. Just look at some of the grow journals on
So a bit more about the acquisition of Smoke this evening. I actually traded off 0.5 LTC for just over 600 BTS through #BlockTrades.US. For those whom haven't used BlockTrades.US, it is rather simple. choose what type of crypto you want to exchange. Then select what type of crypto you would like to receive. The site will then generate a unique address or an address with a unique memo to send your crypto to. Once the chain processes the transaction, BlockTrades.US will then transfer your desired crypto to the account you specify.
In this picture you can see I selected LTC as what I am sending and BitShares as what I am receiving.


The amount that the site shows for the conversion is just an estimate as you can see. I actually received 608 BTS. LTC must have went up during my trade. This picture was post trade so you don't see the address I am referring to for sending your crypto. In the next picture is what you will see once you press the 'Get Deposit Address' button.


BlockTrades converts a lot of cryptos. It is definitely worth looking into. Especially if you have some stagnant coins out there you'd much rather be Smoking!
I hope this ramble wasn't too much, too stupid, too repeated, or too #offtopic. Just remember Smoke, Get Paid, Repeat.
P.S. [No Tables Used]


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Use BTS as your fee source instead of smoke. ~0.5 BTS...


The fee is to the network, it's because the core exchange rate for rudex.smoke is set for 200 SMOKE - 1 BTS.


Isn’t 0.5 BTS just about 100 Smoke? I’m not seeing the difference in fee?


0.5 BTS is the current price of ~1 smoke


Ok cool.

Nice one, you're on your way to being a smoke whale 😉

I would love to see smoke trade on blocktrades it would make selling steem and other cryptos for smoke so much easier....


Maybe if we get 100,000 users we could coerce into adding Smoke to their quick crypto exchange.

What are the fees for blocktrades?


I believe that’s the Fee they refer to in the last picture there..

edit: there are also the miner fees to send crypto’s to

Good. Keep buying.