Phone, Nugs and Pharmacy: Onboarding "users"

7 months ago

Hi there, it has been awhile since my lost post but, I have been around.

There has been a lot of advertising material being produced for to be shared on social media but I was wondering, what about word of mouth? It appears that there are quite a number of grower/ sellers here and I figure that their clientele would be interested in joining up too.

This is would quite quickly be a win/win situation for everyone for as the platform grows, there is going to be more and more room for businesses to operate and, the grower/ sellers can leverage the community at local levels for their product sales.

Having clients here (choose wisely) would also serve as #testimonial for products from the sellers as well as service etc and would help to build up a track record and a product reputation that is recognized widely. This could lead to some interesting and very lucrative opportunities in the future.

If you consider that the plan is that is going to be one of the go to points for smokers globally, it is possible that a great number of people interested will be available locally as customers and eventually, will serve as word-of-mouth #advertising for sellers without having to actually advertise as they will have communities form around them. This is especially true for those who come in early as they can not only build up a following, but also have significant stake.

The way normal social media works is that people invite friends and family in, but that doesn't seem to be the general practice on crypto platforms. However, we can change that on smoke and while the sellers will bring in interested users, those users are much more likely to bring in their friends and family who are also users. This way we don't have to rely on hit and miss marketing that will hit fortune seekers more often than true smokers. We can quite quickly target and draw in an interested and engaged user base.

So out of curiosity, are growers and seller approaching their clients about and how are they doing it? I wonder if it would be useful for them to have some kind of sticker/ card with their business and also a link to their smoke account and the like. Remember that smoke pays users for posting well and, there is definitely a product they are willing to spend their Smoke on to get their smoke on.

Add your thoughts in the comments section below.


The flower pictured is Lily of the Valley and is a highly toxic plant. Pretty, but I don't think it is smoke-able.

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I myself am not a grower but as a smoker it only makes sense! I think with every purchase it'd be awesome to have advertising receipts with discount codes or even a discount code that they could receive for signing up with smoke and making a mention of the company. The possibilities are endless. Accepting SMOKE as payment for smoke! YES please!!!


I will take smoke for edibles lol just saying...


💱🔳💲No matter the currency as long as it saves n spends huh😁

I have some plans when I have stickers ready and printed to go to few smart shops. Present the reviews I do and as them if they want promotion.

My brother will also be doing something similar with pipes.

I need to prep email to send to megabrands of paraphernalia if they want reviews of free samples or as a way of advertising. This might give us a bit of boost.


I need to prep email to send to megabrands of paraphernalia if they want reviews of free samples or as a way of advertising. This might give us a bit of boost.

This is a good idea too.

Yes .... word of mouth is always the best way to have people try things out. I’m pretty sure that’s how I ended up here , but I have joined so many crypto sites I can’t remember who exactly. I try everything and only about 1 or 2 really ever pan out. .... Smoke and Steemit so far out of the many I have tried.


Most sites are get-rich-quick schemes.


Yep... and are the only 2 that worked to actually earn money with hard work.

Who Other than your customers are you supposed to tell about a community that share topics that is of interest to them? This is a very good idea, telling your users or may be your patience about the community, by that they can be exposed to greater number of person with like mind set.

Word of mouth is still one the best advertising. People need business cards and stickers and poster to put up.

Would be awesome to set up a business on and make a decent living doing what you love. They say the best way to grow a business is from word of mouth by your happy customers. I think you are correct in your thoughts about word of mouth would bring in the right type of people to Thanks mate, bong on bro. :-)

I only do word of mouth for recruiting. Even my friend I have told about the site online I know in real life. I can't just advertise it on my other Social Media pages because of the blackmarket.

Receiving payment from your customers in the smoke coin is a pretty good idea.

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