Maximizers and musketeers

4 months ago

I am one of those sadsacks that isn't allowed to smoke yet, here I am on smoke trying to support those who can. Not only does the country I live in treat weed like it is crack, the company I work for drug tests because of their clientele.

This is why I don't post. I like to post. I like posting a lot. But, what is the point if I can't add to the community? I can do it through my vote of course but then, what is the point of voting if there are so many shitposts? Meh, who am I to judge... I am sober.

Maybe it won't matter about the quality of the posts but I think that in the long-run and for marketers and the like, they want a community that at least engages well. I see a lot of posts with decent rewards on them with very few (if any) comments. The thing that marketers would like to see is the interaction between users as that is what has actual value on a social platform.

Interaction means that there is conversation and it also means that there is a lot more chance for ideas to spread, including the ideas of brands and businesses. Companies want to be talked about, they want to see the discussion around their products, they want people to say more than "looks good".

How come so few of the highly rewarded are engaging with the community? Why aren't they discussing some of the topics at length, why aren't they building the community?

Communities are more than just a collection of people, more than a collection of people with a hobby or preference in common too. A community is a complex social structure of intertwined relationships and to be a strong and successful one, those relationships have to be looking for win/win scenarios more often than not. Communities filled with entitlement rarely survive when pressed by a community filled with musketeers where they band together and go all for one, one for all.

Maximizers aren't musketeers by default.

Of course, this is a decentralized platform where people can do what they choose to some degree but they also have to pay the consequences, even if the entire community pays. But, how about rather than creating "artwork to promote smoke" people actually go out and promote smoke? I think there is enough artwork to last a very long time.

I like the #nugporn too but again, what is it worth? I dunno, I am not allowed to go near any of the stuff. I just get to look on and vote. It is pretty lame being on smoke as a non-smoker in many ways as while people don't mind taking the vote, it is very difficult to be a part of the community. But then, I look long on these things and I can probably guarantee, I look longer than you.

One day the laws might relax in my country but that day is a long way away however, I a don't mind being an advocate for other's rights, even if I don't benefit myself. This is the thing with Musketeering isn't it? One for all?

Not much else I can do or say at the moment, just free write out some thoughts. Maybe that is what I will do from time to time and just write what comes to mind about the community, smoke, and my thoughts on however I see the current situation. Perhaps it will not be interesting to most people as there is too much to read and nothing to smoke, but at the end of the day perhaps it is enough to engage and build relationships with some people on the platform who will be here long term.

Yeah, some of the shitposters will be whales in the future and will feel like they earned their place but, I have seen that entitlement other places and the toxicity and immaturity it breeds. Then again, maybe that is what people expect from the industry at this point, immaturity. The crypto industry is only 10 years old and filled with people wanting to get rich quick, what can be expected on average?

It will change in time - or not.

For now, I will go back to upsmoking content that may or may not deserve any attention at all.

Perhaps I just need a toke.


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Yep, I totally agree on the importance of community involvement in spreading It is a great space for people and brands to interact with and benefit each other.
At the moment this is done by everyone the best way they can.
Maybe we as token holders should start thinking about organizing a strategy to try to reach to brands?


It’s too early

Maybe we as token holders should start thinking about organizing a strategy to try to reach to brands?

We don’t have the traffic (userbase) yet to pitch any potential ROI yet to them.

Yes, reach out for some and pitch them the “early to the party”, absolutely.

But we need many more thousands users. We are a worldwide community and right now we couldn’t deliver enough to justify the time investment for one brand.

Here’s the convo you will be having more often than you want to hear if you go now:

“Hey heard of Smoke, you should promote your stuff on there!
“Yeah? How many users ya got?
“Little more than 6k (accounts)
“Where are they based?
“How many daily active?
“60-80 regulars

First pitch opportunity to a brand lost. That second email or meeting request will be much harder to get noticed. And I hope it will start with “10k users in your city now!”

I don’t mean this negatively btw, but this is what we call the “platform conundrum”: no users, no brands who will offer anything.

We need to promote what is great here to first get more users first (without focusing on the get paid part, that brings a whole new set of challenges).

We can try to onboard “the odd one” already but we are by no means relevant enough already to “strategize about reaching brands”. Which will also mostly be done by those who operate business focused dApps later, but for them it’s the same conundrum: no users, why invest time and effort in building now if waiting 8-12 months will tell them if this platform has viability/traction to consider launching on.

That’s the platform conundrum. The biggest struggle for any new platform. The chicken egg of (online) communities and their subsequent biz.

Authors go to medium because there’s an audience. Sellers go to craigslist and eBay because there’s buyers. The audience and the buyers keep using those platforms because there’s listings. Offer and demand sides fulfilled. Nowadays there’s thousands of sites, hundreds of thousands who are all vying for those businesses and all promise them sales. And businesses then ask their marketing team what’s the relevance of that platform because time is money. How many sales do you think could Smoke currently offer a canna-biz?

We are a protocol. Developers will build businesses on here and get brands. Because, eventually, the “social side” (blogging) will have grown that big that we are a significant userbase which tempts businesses.

No day passes or one of my first thoughts is: how do we get more users (every website and community wants exactly that).

And while I haven’t written much about that part: I’m here for the future business opportunities. But before that... we need to grow a much bigger community.

And that, until we reach a point where the daily influx is more organic... that is a task for all of us. Otherwise no brand will ever care.

Addendum: Anyone can and should. And it definitely isn’t the only thing we should target, but I hope over the next few days we can present a new Twitter “initiative” which aims to promote the “best” content on the platform and also target specific cannabis hashtags. Why twitter? It’s easy to retweet and, also, great content can easily be tweeted again in some weeks/months/years. Look at for example They actively tweet posts from 2013/14. But we also need the content to share for that. @jessica and I are currently brainstorming that, I expect you will hear from us soon’ish.


I understand your point, when I talk to seed makers, distributors etc, I first talk to them because I do have a personal relationship, and what I tell them is that this is a new promo channel they can use, no costs attached.
Really appreciate the efforts you guys are doing through Facebook and Twitter, I think maybe, once you and Jessica have brainstormed the campaign, it would be good if instead of each one going their way to do the campaign it would be good to have it coordinated? set up a working group of voluntaries to do those tasks? I think if we coordinate our efforts we could reach further? In any case it is great we are discussing it, that in itself is a step further


Who said we planned to each go our own way? ;)

Don’t assume because that would be the default modus on many a platform that is also the de facto standard. It isn’t, definitely not in open source world.

Collab is the way forward and at CannaWeedness we thrive on, look for, and try to incite collaborations as much as we can.

We sponsor contests within the means of the possible (and the reasonable) to support. Not for our own witness visibility (we barely promote ourselves), not for witness upvotes but because it is an integral part of community building. We ourselves are what I tend to call a “loose coalition”.

Each CannaWeedness contest we invite a witness (or group) to collab with us. They are not asked to sponsor anything and even get the winners announcement post, with all its rewards. Which we could easily keep for ourselves. This is to highlight witnesses we believe in, to empower teams, and most of all to make working together a habit. A part of this community’s DNA.

The same is done with other members. We want to distribute and also empower, not find glory ourselves. If the latter... we could do it all ourselves and keep all. We don’t. It’s not who we are and we would do exactly the same if not witness. But we decided to step up even more and commit to the platform.

We are but a small cog in a big chain. Everyone’s a cog.

We (hopefully) contribute to building community, we build “scene”. When possible, we even try to incite people who have shown potential to become a witness and support them throughout earliest stages. Support as “we are there for them”, we can not open the door for them we can only show it (The oracle in the Matrix scene).

There is no such thing as own way. That’s not how (internet) communities grow and eventually thrive.

They need devs, support for devs, visibility for what they do, and promoters. As well as adopters. And, of course, where possible also financial support. They are complex mechanisms.

break lol

Keep at it with the seed breeders. Something may be in the making there.

If you can get them on here already, definitely do of course. Nobody should wait for anything specific. Related: see Steem(it Inc).

I can’t say too much right now because I don’t want to promise anything, or any time frame, I couldn’t make happen but there are definitely ideas going round and hopefully soon also work happening in that particular line. We may collab yet again. ;)

Or maybe somebody else does that. Because that’s how communities also develop. There is no exclusivity on ideas but there definitely is a first mover thing. Whoever that may be.

PS: what if rather than a “campaign” @jessica and I are brainstorming a “framework/setup” and set of possible approaches we wish to present and then hopefully as many as possible will join. Join a constantly ongoing operation kickstarted by two but done as a community. It’s the task of everyone to make this happen, we all have only that much time every day. I will eventually go “my way”... out of the spotlights because I prefer the background shadows but I won’t go anywhere and will still be there. Building. 🦇

Lots of work to do and we need all of you. @raz said it... musketeers and we look long. Very long. 🤘

Gosh, that was a self-promotional soapbox. Sorry about that.

Welcome to get to know us better. I’m stoic btw.


Great!!!!looking forward to hearing what you guys have in mind, i am crap at social media, but I live in a country where the canna industry is huge and have access to them. It is a pity I cannot make it to Spannabis this weekend, but am trying my best to make it to expogrow in April.


Would love to now live in the country you live in.

Maybe it will be on the list in some years when I consider another relocation.

Will DM you on Discord.


You’re right on about the community needing to be interactive. I also agree there is a lot of promo art. I think some users lack the drive of uniqueness. They themselves may have posted something in their mind that is great that brings no reward. Then they see a random banner hit 100$ of Smoke so of course, they think to themself I have Photoshop!

We in fact do need more than just the that’s great post, I encourage you to post more, express your thoughts of the cannabis prohibition in your country. Be a leader, stand up and document it on the chain!


It’s not just “the drive”. As @raz said it can also be localized issues.

Of course drive is motivation and what gets rewarded gets copied, especially if work involved is minimal.

But there’s so many possibilities. Even for people who live in prohibition eras/areas.

We will get there. There will always be more advocates creating here. Eventually those with the “easy path to rewards” will whether have grown a tribe large enough to stay motivated or become the victim of upsmoke fatigue on their content.

I like art and design but I have only 10 votes/day. Every new user is one upsmoke less for people I have previously supported and may not believe their creations will help us short to mid-term. Plus, everyone wants to be welcomed and supporting a newcomer could unlock the next “magazine quality reviewer”.

Places change. The second generation of guests to the newest hotspot (bar) in town is different from those who squatted the place in first six months. Heavily influenced by those early stagers but different in vibe nevertheless. Also in longevity btw.


Places change. The second generation of guests to the newest hotspot (bar) in town is different from those who squatted the place in first six months. Heavily influenced by those early stagers but different in vibe nevertheless. Also in longevity btw.

This is something that we have seen on other platforms and the animosity it has created hasn't been healthy nor has it been necessary. At some point, it seems inevitable on the current tract.


Not every post needs a massive reply though.


Click the ads? We could do a grow challenge where you buy & grow seeds from the ads

Your rewards are always appreciated, especially on comments; daily. Thanks man!


Good to know :)


Engagement is the key to success, as in off chain, so on it. For this reason we are trying our best to explain and educate, as well as contribute to the need for showing the interaction and exchange of experience by doing some projects.

Munchies Monday is first in the series, for now we want to see the response.

Understandably, we are still small as community and as a platform, so there is not too much people engaged. Currently, we are running a second edition so it should start to be clear what's the story. First one was pretty good. Seems like people either don't have that much time or they don't wanna put any effort and want it all served.


Seems like people either don't have that much time or they don't wanna put any effort and want it all served.

I know a lot about not having much time and what people are pumping out doesn't take much at all for the most part.

Good luck with the post and I hope people will engage with it. I will try to check back in there and add some on the comments too.


Seems like people either don't have that much time or they don't wanna put any effort and want it all served.

Such posts don't get good rewards.

Can you travel to a nearby county where its legal? Try to get it legalized in your country


The travel is one thing but due to the nature of my work and the clientele they have, there are testing considerations with no warning, let alone the time required.

Legalization is a long way off but they have just started some very limited medical trials and the public conversation is starting... slowly.

At some point, I may end up moving my family but that is going to be dependent on many factors that are too up in the air at this time to consider. It is quite ridiculous to think that there is so much stigma around a plant essentially anyone can grow.


Gutted you get randomly tested, that's pretty much solely looking for cannabis given that most other drugs are out of your system in a few days :/

Here's hoping the laws change sooner rather than later for you there!


Yep it sucks ass but at the moment, I still need the job. One day crypto.. one day ;)

I would be happy to get some medicinal usage here at least as there are many in need but are instead being treated with BigPharma bs.

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