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7 months ago

A few days back I posted about the quality of posts on Smoke and at least one person set a new bar, @stoner with this excellent example. Yes, I know that it is a a reformulation of an old post and that not every post has to be of this length or quality but, it is a good example of many aspects that could be included. Thanks mate.

Comment well

Now, what I was thinking is that for a little while I would try something else when it comes to my approach to voting on the platform and see how it goes. Instead of only voting mainly on posts, I am going to try rewarding the comments section more heavily of good posts to help those that post well build #engagement. In my experience, being able to reward comments is a good way to develop conversation and since I don't post much myself, I can try to help develop the accounts for others instead.

Looking on

What this will hopefully encourage is not only better comments but, better posts that will get decent levels of conversation beyond, "nice nug" kind of stuff. For those who are looking to build a long-term presence on, you are currently in a privileged position as an early adopter and later on when more people come onto the platform, having good engagement, decent #reputation and some earned #stake behind you will dramatically affect your experience and influence on the system.

For those who are struggling with content, commenting well is a fantastic way to be a part of the #community and earn stake. Remember, this is a social network that benefits from networking which means, get out there and be part of the discussions and you will likely find that your own content will develop naturally by springboarding off others. In time, this will create a good depth of relationship and knowledge to build from and form various communities around.

Distributing further

Part of the reason I am doing this is because I don't find enough content I want to vote directly without it being the same people over and over and while that works well to some degree to build some with stake, I believe wider distribution of stake is also necessary. I will still be voting on posts of course but at a lower level so that I can add to the comments also.

Let's see how the experiment goes.


On a side note, can the text box have a click and drag expand added as writing in this space makes it difficult to get the overall feel of the post. =)

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I think your approach to comments and further distribution is spot on! I've learned from my steem blog that commenting is perhaps the best way to engage, meet people, and build your network. For this reason I always try to upvote comments on my content.. For distribution which is also important, I like the curation route. Highlight some content from a couple of folks that could use the exposure and are making good content. Content curation on has a ways to go in its evolution..


It will develop in time and if we are thoughtful now about it, it will be a strength here that creates a strong community for the future. If things go as expected, the space will expand much too large to stay as one community and niche groups will form. Having a common thread of conversation and engagement will tie many points together and keep the network tight.

Some times I go to @trees profile and upvote some of his comments. Quality user who spends time on commenting on posts.


Cheers and thanks for the tip, I will follow and keep an eye out as well as on you to :)


The secret to good comments is the same as good customer service. You listen to what the person is trying to tell you, and if you can form an opinion for yourself then feel free to respond.
I would even be down with an r9k feature that only lets each post be made once. So the first lucky person could say "nice nugs," and after that they would have to get slightly more creative with their feedback, "Really nice nugs," and so forth.

I believe wider distribution of stake is also necessary

I agree, but I also think about how right now we have only a small fraction of the experts here.

If the following is a mock Venn Diagram of current users:


I think it's a smart idea to give influence to the smokers that have never dipped their toes into crypto before, giving more incentive for them to spread the word once we've proven ourselves as legitimate. If things shift to the left and stays only the crypto-savvy then I can't imagine ever hitting anything close to the mainstream.


I agree that giving influence to the smokers themselves is the goal but one of the problems is that we are a community largely made up of users who were already crypto. The smokers themselves are going to have to get the word out there in what will essentially be via word of mouth. I hope that they will stake in also so that as they bring in their friends and family, they will be able to help them out too.

Mainstream is going to require more than people earning tokens from the inflation.

I always try to make intelligent comments (I did say try, Lol) on the post of most of the people I follow. I would just Like to point out that some poster should also try to reply to a intelligent comment with more than just thanks. Thanks for all you do for smoke.i.o. Bong on bro. :-)



Yes, posters should take the time to reply to comments well. Those that don't will find that people stop commenting well on their posts in time as there is not an adequate level of feedback making them feel ignored and taken advantage of.

I do this myself a little each day. As I find post engagement helps a lot.


It definitely has helped me in the past so I figure I can take a pay it forward approach on Smoke and see if I can help others in the same way.


And it will help hopefully others see that it does and will follow by example....

On a side note, can the text box have a click and drag expand added as writing in this space makes it difficult to get the overall feel of the post. =)

Even I noticed this recently but you can do this by moving the bottom right of the text box. Works before you start to type though :)


Seems to be back :)

I am not going crazy though am I, it wasn't there yesterday :D

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