Top 100 list complete (I believe). New top 10 accounts, Biggest movers, Total Smoke!

5 months ago


Mobb Boss review:


Again we've had more people gain smoke than decrease their balances. Very few people in the top 100 have reduced their balances. We've discovered two new additions to the top 10. We are seeing more activity from the top accounts, which is good to see! We now have almost 75 accounts above 10k smoke!

  • Biggest Movers

Congratz to our biggest movers, @Jackdub, @unnamed, @taskmanager, and @ufaz.

  • New Slider!

Congratz to @lordoftruth on achieving the coveted smoke slider. 36 accounts now have a slider, and all the curational freedom that comes with it. I know he will both enjoy this new tool and use it wisely.

  • New big accounts found

With the help of @realkiki85 and @ufaz we've found the @welcome account with 42k smoke and @stash with 1.34 million. I have located @cannasseur with 2.11 million, @paddy420 with 359k, @billbutler with 215k, which adds a lot of smoke to our total.

  • Percentages Now Accurate

Percentages now accurately reflect the smoke total, and not just what I have recorded. In the past, percentages were based on only the smoke I had recorded on my spreadsheet.

I believe the list is complete

I have combed through transactional history on the smoke blockchain and believe my new list accounts for all of the smoke, but I can't guarantee that. There is 43,568,602.774 smoke on the blockchain, my list accounts for 41,563,690.66 smoke, that leaves 2,004,912.11 unaccounted for. My list only has taken account of the top 174 accounts and after I do about 110, I browse below and look at accounts I think may have added a lot of smoke. There's about 6100 accounts created, so if I subtract the 174 on the list and divide the 2 million remaining smoke, that leaves 338 smoke per account for the rest of the accounts, giving me a good sense that the accounts I didn't add up, would add to the missing 2 million smoke.

41,284,320 Smoke

The top 100 accounts make up a total of 41,284,320 smoke. Which accounts for 94.76% of the supply. The 174 accounts I have accounted for, which is the 41,563,690.66 total smoke, accounts for 95.4% of the supply.

The Top 100 List

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Sweet update! I knew I saw some names that were missing.

I also think it's awesome that the big players are powering up not down!


Yeah, I agree with that.

How did that taste out the Volcano?


Read the review :P

Lol. I just collected 1K SP earlier today


Nice man, that's awesome

That is one list where you would like to see your name. I wish i can be in that list.
A whale in this network can be really very rewarding in the coming days as this is a very promising project and cannabis has a good chance of getting legalized soon as the thinking of people is changing towards it.


It's doable for anyone on the platform now, and I am not sure where you stand at that number, I would have to find and record almost all of the accounts to know that. Someone could write an algorithm, but I don't have the expertise.


I was just joking. I know i am in the top from the bottom of the list and i don't need an algorithm to calculate that.

Btw where will i stand with my 800+ SP

Yum.... so many sparkles.

Bummed I didn't make it to the top of the list with my 600 Smokes..


haha, you'll get there if ya post consistently, I am confident about that.

Would you be able to include changes over time? Like projections for earnings based on recent gains?