How can we help SMOKE to be a powerful coin!

6 months ago

I have read a lot of interesting posts with nice pictures, videos and content but first of all we must to find solutions with "HOW WE CAN HELP SMOKE" to be a powerful coin! 

STONER had a good vision when he created SMOKE, because weed is a thing of the future. 

The cannabis industry is booming as we can see many US states have legalized weed, also CANADA a great country in 2018 and the examples could continue...

Marijuana isn't considered a drug in North Korea and can be bought from the market.

In Amsterdam are many coffee shops where people can buy and SMOKE a joint without problems...

This trend will continue and in the future many countries will legalize weed.

So SMOKE will be a coin of the future with great potential.

We as members of SMOKE must to try to help our community with our ideas... STONER will read our comments and if we will have good ideas, STONER will act accordingly!

SMOKE & RESMOKE my post and in this way SMOKE members will read and comment.


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Marijuana isn't considered a drug in North Korea and can be bought from the market.

Chills out the revolution perhaps.

By the way, in this post there wasn't one idea about how to help smoke other than to give ideas...


The purpose of this post is as members to tell their opinions... is possible as some of us may have good ideas.
For example I have a friend who works for an exchange and few days ago I have contacted the team of the exchange if they want to list SMOKE in this exchange. Now I am waiting for their answer.

Onboarding the right people, posting comments, create original content, reward other people and vote for a witness, is the best thing someone can do.



gook luck and have a nice day!