Meet Sticky Ricky and Lonnie Price, hilarious GTA 5 roleplay

5 months ago

DOJ GTA Roleplay Server

Bored one day I discovered this channel on youtube that was making episodes in a GTA 5 Roleplay server called The Department of Justice, or DOJ for short. The server has no NPC police, instead, real players role play as cops, while others as civilians. The cops enforce real life traffic laws and will pull you over. This makes for some hilarious episodes til I stumbled upon the funniest one.

Sticky Ricky and Lonnie Price

These two guys role play as characters Ricky Flowers and Lonnie Price. They are out of weed and looking to score. The guys do a great job with the stoner characters. They have a few incredibly funny episodes to check out.

Spoiler Alert

In this episode the two go looking for weed and find some bikers who they let know they are looking to score. The bikers tell them they may be able to find something. Ricky and Lonnie head to the bar for a drink before later going to meet up with the bikers again, but not before a funny run in with the police.

It all gets really crazy after they finally get some weed and get stoned. They end up running into the cops again and making a run for it. They hilariously mistake a helicopter spotlight for a UFO before finally getting caught and heading to jail.

Check um out, lemme know what you think!

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I'm only 15mins in the video, but i gotta tell ya those guys are hilarious haha, good find, thanks :D


Yeah, they had me hooked real quick


The guy that roleplays Lonnie cracks me up haha, they both good tho :D


He has it down, they make a good team though

Funny like hell, haha, i haven't played the game yet, but after watching part of the video i feel like playing :)


I would need a better PC I think, but I do want to play it haha