If your gonna give your girl some flowers, they should be the smoke-able kind.

4 months ago

I mean, it costs about the same out here for an 8th or a bouquet of flowers, go ahead, get your girl the 8th! You just gotta know what strains she likes, girls can be picky!

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You should follow StonerGirls on zeh Titter. They have plenty of that type of updates.



That's is a cool one!


Romanticos! :P


That is genius!

That would have to be the most beautiful bouquets I have ever seen, Lol. Who's a lucky girl, bong on bro. :-)

Lol, perfect gift for val

How did you know what I got my girl lol

Well said! Too bad my girl doesnt like our kind of flower.

The plant looks really successful.
Have fun smoking

If that was me I know I'd be happy.