Cannabis related cryptocurrencies | Series #1

4 months ago


Smoke, we all know and love it here at Smoke is a social media blockchain for cannabis content creation and curation. Smoke is a spin off of the Steem blockchain with a focus on cannabis. Smoke.Network has some big plans for the project, with visions on the roadmap to link up with dispensaries and cannabis related businesses for promotion and payments.

Cannabis Coin

Cannabis Coin brands itself as the Cannabis Bitcoin. It is based on the bitcoin protocol with some tweaks, probably a fork of BTC. It operates under Proof of Work. Their website hasnt been updated in ages and the coin has been relatively flat on the charts. I think smoke has more to offer the cannabis community.

#HempCoin (THC)

HempCoin is similar to CannabisCoin in that it is a blockchain similar to bitcoin for payments in agriculture, hemp, legal cannabis, and tobacco industries.It is a Proof of Work coin. It has been around since 2014 so I dont think its going anywhere, but I also am not sure it has anything unique to offer?


We all know PotCoin, they got Dennis Rodman! PotCoin was also created in 2014 and brands themselves as the first industry specific coin. They have been actively updating their website and roadmap, so that shows some potential promise. They are working on a new wallet and establishing relationships with licensed producers in Canada for 2019. The coin is Proof of Work and operates similar to Bitcoin.

DopeCoin Gold

Recently rebranded from DopeCoin, this is a Proof of Stake coin making it unique from some of the others. It offers 5% annual staking rewards which is better than your bank if it can hold these prices or increase.

Many More

There are many more cannabis related cryptocurrencies and I will continue to plug through them in the next issue of this series. What are your favorite cannabis related cryptos?

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