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10 months ago

Puff, puff, pass my best wishes fellow cannasseuers, calisthenics lovers and friends.

For todays offtopic we go a bit deep. While it is not strictly offtopic as health is always important even among our kind, I have come up with a way to satisfy all of us. Bear with me.

I love calisthenics and bodyweight exercises, love to do them at home as a fun, time killer, makes me look ok and it is healthier. Did I say I am a bit stronger to crush that buds? I was thinking this might be good way to show you how and why, because I am already doing this gifs for other projects. Today's workout is here. Intermediate one, not to hard. For warmup or post workout i advise one spliff.

Why on
We need to get rid of the stereotypes like lazy and unhealthy lifestyle of stoners. Screw that. Look at this guy on smoke. Man, works out and smokes weed, hash that is. Promoting healthy cannabis loving lifestyle.
Second, I am sure a lot of you here will now say I might try, maybe I give it a go. If I manage to make one of you workout today, my mission is done.
Third, can't you see how to keep the overall picture about this post in close correlation with cannabis?

Ok let us get to workouts. Now I know most of you will go with the first one and not move on, but this is just a warm-up, please do not stop here.


After warm-up is finished, 15 minutes later we can get to real stuff. Joke aside, let's get sweaty.


All exercises should be done in four series, reps till fatigue.

Chest emphasize

Regular push-upsPush-ups with arm raised in front

zelena crta.png

Triceps emphasize

Diamond push-upsNarrow push-ups, elbows near body

zelena crta.png

Core and legs

Wide side-squatsCrunches

zelena crta.png

For me it is a real pleasure to light one up, after shower and protein chug. Makes you feel complete, like you start to feel good about yourself. Might be all the dopamine and serotinine talking, but it really is true.

Truth to be told it is nice before one, but most of the people don't like it. So it is up to you to try. I will enjoy my post workout spliff nevertheless the outcome of your thoughts.


zelena crta.png

Stress muscles not brain! Stay active!


Smoke ON, Stress OFF!

zelena crta.png

Enquiries about anything are welcome!
Upvote, comment and follow if you like!
Have a great journey!

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One small sentence of gratitude to my wife Martina for all of Her support and inspiration!
You can check some of her work
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My younger brother is on Smoke also, check out Fractal Loop Glider or @zuculuz for interesting thoughts, pipes and fractals.
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As if you didn't call them kush-ups!!

smoking or vaping after a workout is a great feeling! To me it was almost celebrating a good workout and also with heightened senses getting back in touch with your body. Working out releases endorphins, then adding Cannabis on top is a nice combo!

I'm sure there's a few folks here that aren't lazy stoners.. during the conditioning portion of Saturdays fight class we did around 500 sit ups in a row :) That's after training for an hour!


Howly couldn't I thinkof that... hilarious man..
That is too much for a series. It is good for endurance and a bit power.. I'm more into strenght with a bit power.
Would like to hear more about health from others...
Edit..this is icing on the cake after 10km walk on work and 8 km of cyclen to and from.

Definitely, health and fitness is very important. I have seen people smoking up before workout , I’m not really sure about how that works out. I used to dab some after my workout in the evening to relax which feels great.

Hopefully, someone experiments with cannabis infused post workout supplements , lol.

Good workout and like those gif thumbnail guide 👌

With 💕,


Thanks for the encouragement. It depends. If I smoke from the morning I don't mind pre one. If it is the first one, then I would skip it.

wooooow 👊💪 awesome you ROCK ! :D , yeah you really proved it , such a cool warm up , hehehhe . resmoked
maybe ill try before exercise 🙋🏻


Hehe.. don't doubt you did it few times a day already.

ohh man.. im broken after doing that amazing exercise.. :S i cant make all the push up.. the second way its dificult.. hahaa but thnks for show.. now i will get in practise!

Two of the most important things of life. Exercise and Smoke and with both of then you can get the ultimate need of life, beautiful girl.


I already have her, so this is just for personal satisfaction.


Well i was actually talking in general. If you got "her", i mean the girl of your life then thats a good thing for you, but most of the guys are in "Always Search" mode. You know what i mean.
But yes, Exercise is always needed no matter what.


Yeah I get you..

Your first and last exercises are my favorites lol. I find the high's much better when in good shape, well fed, and well rested. Calisthenics for the healthy lungs and blood sugar power tokes. My cabin's on a 40 degree slope valley hillside - good exercise any time I walk somewhere. Lots of chopping wood and hauling stuff - the off-grid hustle keeps me diesel :) I do like yoga type stretching exercises where you use your balance and body weight - good for the body and mind.


Any kind of exercise is good. Be it just a walk or a stretch. Your body rewards you for your activity.

thank you so much for this. I have always wanted to live a life of a strong and healthy stoner but have not been chanced after reading this i think i should start my workout soon and also i planned to be a vegan this year.

I just cannot stop loving your post everyday you are a source of inspiration to me and my friends.

Much love brother.


Thanks for your kind words.

As a vegan that works out with focus on strenght, I think you will need some supplements for protein intake.. but definitely doable. One of my inspiration is vegan.

I was just waiting for when you will post a cannabis exercising post. Its good to see that things like this here as well. To destroy the stereotype of a lazy stoner. People need to see for the other usage of smoking cannabis. Which helps burn the fat and helps you transform it into muscle. Nice shirt by the way :D

working out is very is very needful that we sweat out a little


From time to time..but not to anything in life...know the dose.


A few mins each day will not be too much

How about a sativa vaporizer instead of a joint before workout?


Why not, depends if it motivated you or not.

Tnx for reminding me to start workout finally!
Been off habit for half a year...
Love to workout outside, looking forward to better days xD


Go for it man. Just remember the feeling after workout... It might get ya going

Healthy is wealthy! 🌱💪