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Dear Community and Viewers,

Once again, we are Project-Atlas, a community driven by passion and dedicated to the promotion of Crypto and Blockchain projects. We are also presently supporting Whaleshares/Enumivo and Smoke platform with our token -LifeCoin.

Recently, we have been trending especially with respect to our witness campaign and we want to seize the opportunity to thank everyone who has given us their witness vote, while we humbly ask others to please extend their support.

For our Future plan, a lot of questions have been asked and below is a brief and detailed summary.

Our major reason for being in business is to promote Crypto and Blockchain projects on social media platforms like Twitter, FaceBook, Google, and so on. However, our ultimate goal is to achieve such promotions in a seamless manner. In other words, to achieve it smoothly and continuously with no apparent obstacles or challenges.

This we hope to achieve by building a dapp for the Cross Chain promotions which will not only eliminate the bottlenecks in the promotional process, but will also help to save cost, time and regular human input(community) , thereby making the entire process seamless.

With the proposed cross chain dapp, project promotions can now be automated, seamless,fast and incentivized. For compatible cross chain systems are more target based and result oriented.


Below is a brief explanation of the design

Our dapp –“Promo-Chain” will act as a promotional dapp for different blockchain projects this means that if for instance, someone promotes Smoke on any of the social media platforms like Meetups, Facebook, Twitter and so on, the person can log on to our dapp using their smoke posting key or via smoke connect and write about their promotional activities on the platform (the Promo-Chain).

The moderators on the Promo-Chain will them check if the promotion posted was done genuinely and also for the Smoke platform, before validating or declining.

Once validated, he or she get incentivised with valued tokens

The tokens for rewarding is still unknown when we get closer to building our dapp we shall then have ideas and reveal it.

And their promotional post is then posted on both our dapp and on the Smoke platform under the smoke promotion category.

The post Which can then be rewarded on the smoke platform and on our dapp with the token incentives.

Same applies to promotions done for Whaleshare, Steemit and Other supported platforms.

Thus, the atlas project will not only make it easier for communities to promote their favourite projects on the dapp, it also intends to provide incentives to users for promoting their favourite or supported blockchain projects with valued tokens (unknown) thereby increasing the spirit of individual and community promotion.

Lastly, promotions that would be posted on our dapp will have their different sections like

  • Whaleshares Promo Category
  • Steemit Promo Category
  • Smoke Promo Category
  • And other supported supported projects.

Keep an eye on us for more update.

Thank you.

@project-atlas as your witness by typing the project-atlas account name in the space provided and input your private active key to lock in your vote.

NOTE: @project-atlas is hiring people with various skillsets that would help to improve the platform.
More here kindly check at [we are hiring] section on http://www.projectatlas.info

For more info
Website: www.projectatlas.info
Mail: [email protected]
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/6wQR7nG
Facebook: http://facebook.com/atlasProject1/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Project_Atlas2
Google+: http://plus.google.com/Projectatlas4
Instagram: http://instagram.com/Project_Atlas2
Smoke: http://smoke.io/@project-atlas
Steemit: http://steemit.com/@project-atlas

Edited and authored by @nicewoody69


To many promotion is scary

But to us it's a fun filled fun

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And may the atlas force be with you and us.

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I am not keeping an eye on you guys, I am keeping two eyes. Keep the flame burning.

Great Project, Great Team.

Everything that is good for the platform and the community and helps, of course, I will support. Find it sounds good, at least something is being worked on. I will support you and let's see if I have already chosen you as a witness, if not I will do it now. Best regards

It is a great advertising project for smoke.io especially in the countries and cities where they want to legalize


yeah it is and tomorrow we start what we are made for-the first smoke campaign for January.

Awesome news :)

More recaps than actual deliveries. I think you guys will be great at promoting! :D 🦇


yeah we are trying to. make people understand what the project is all about, many have been hearing about "cross dapp " and everyone thinks we are encouraging a cross posting rather then a single dapp to promote all chain [Promo - chain]


No worries. I wouldn’t be who I am without the odd snarky comment. 🦇