Finally, My Promise Will Be Fulfill.

4 months ago

As Yoruba people (People from the western part of Nigeria) would say, "Adajo mase, asoro ma'ye, tiruwon basonu. ke'wawonlo." This simply means when someone always says the truth and his/her "A" always means "A", when they lost, we should look for them.

Some months ago, I promised to post about Canna-milk, I have made severe posts since then and still I have not made any post that looks like Canna-milk. This always made me feel sad whenever I am about to post here, most especially that all the dreams of growing weed to have access to fresh marijuana leaves, are killing as these my small Canna farm keep dying due to unknown reasons.

I will lose count if I start counting how many times I have bought the ingredients and later use it for something else. One or two things have always been delaying me from fulfilling my promise. I am not like this, no matter what is happening around me. I am so glad no one has abused me for not fulfilling but almost every day when I wake up from the bed, I blame and abuse myself for every un-fulfilled promise I have ever made.

Aside from the fact that cow milk we all buy from the market and consumed is full of saturated fat, which can cause an increased level of cholesterol, there are some other disadvantages in it which can as well affect human being body. Some people don't take it at all for some reasons too. People who don't drink cow milk still have options but not everyone knows those options, Soya, tiger-nut, etc. are nice options. Adding Cannabis to them is one great option everyone can always go for, to bring the enjoyment to the peak.

Now, I am happy to announce to you that, the dream has come true and I have made the post, including video tutorial which is well explained for everyone to easily understand. My next post will be the post about the Canna-milk. Thanks you all for your patient and understnading.

About the Author:
PrinceOla is the best name that suits me but calling me any other fancy names wouldn't kill me though. Aspirant criminologist but free minded by nature, cannactivist by writing. I don't know what connection I have with Pluto but I keep telling people that's where I stay, maybe because of the anonymity world we live in today. I am in still searching for my talent, who knows maybe you can help me find one. Thanks for stopping by!.
A simple heart of love create endless ripple.

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It would be an awesome way to start your day with canna milk on your breakfast cereal. Thanks for sharing mate, bong on bro. :-)


You know the whole story Bro. 👍👍