The Unintentional Benefits of Sharing on Twitter and Instagram

7 months ago

So I was trying to get the attention of a few local dispensaries, growers and other Cannabis entrepreneurs on Twitter and Instagram. I was Retweeting their Tweets and then suggesting that they come over and join and share here....

I got their attention.

They followed me back.

Then.... Unexpectedly... they started sending me some of their products to try....

So ... yeah. Lots of Fringe Benefits of ...

Get to know your local Cannabis, Hemp, smoking accessory businesses and let them know all about “” The New Cannabis Social Network.

Do not ask for stuff... share what we are doing over here and see where it goes.






#cannabis #weed #edibles #cbd #thc

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We need picture with weedstrai s where instead of name says smoke, get paid,repeat,earn,share,curate,grow, engage..


I did a bunch without “Get paid”

Nice one, i respect the hustle, you're getting out there - bonus nug and product photos from the dispeseries :)


Yeah... one is sending me shirts and hats too.... All I did was retweet a few of their Cannabis flowers and Say “ Awesome Photography..... come share your stuff on .... the New Cannabis Social Network.

That's amazing man! Nice job!


It’s pretty wild.... all these Social Networks work together... I am sharing everywhere

hell yea keep spreading the good word and good things will come back to you!


So true.

That's pretty cool, good engagement with the company, planning a review soon? Are they all thc buds? They look high quality


Yes... I will do some reviews here.... but I think they just want me to continue retweeting their products every now and then on Twitter.... there was no request to review their products which I thought was pretty cool. They just wanted to say Thanks for my Retweets. I will take some close up photos of their nugs, share here then send them a link to my post.....


That is pretty cool of them, how I wish it was legal here :(

Good work man, i think am also getting dispensaries and cannabis growers follow me for retweeting and liking their stuffs. Thanks for the heads up earlier on though. Am loving the party


Awesome... yeah I see you there too. Good work promoting

@offgrid you know basically the benefits of this social platforms and if smokers olso share their posts on their twitters possibly it will attract people who not aware of smoke to join us.



oh awesome you're lucky man :D

That's really cool man. Good work always pay off :)

Wow. It's good to see they are interested to the point of sending you things to test out and review. Can't wait to see the reviews.

that's how you know your work is appreciated!!