Hive and Steemit are going to War on May 20. Smoke will Rise like a Phoenix from their ashes

12 days ago

Wow.... Hive and Steemit are going to war... it is getting very very ugly.

Thank the Gods for ... a True place of Peace and Love and Harmony.
Stay stoned friends - and be happy that you have found a beautiful home here on


This is an old Promo Ad I made..... will start sharing on Twitter again. Many Hive and Steem refugees will be looking for a home.

Peace and Love and Love to all....

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I think this place will be alive even after they are dying. I don't know what is going on over there but I do not think it will all end well if it is as bad as you are saying it is! I only wish for the best for all though. I do not want to see any place have problems with other place.


Well.... it looks like Justin Sun wants to dump all his Steem in the next 30 days and Hive is going crazy with whales flagging other whales. They are eating themselves alive. All the massive flaggers moved to Hive. ...Both are doomed. Maybe only Smoke and Blurt will survive.