Got Blurt ? More Free Money ....

5 months ago

I’m interested to learn more about this new Steem Hardfork.... Blurt ?

Anyone know anything ? I guess if you have Steem you got Blurt.

Oh well. Maybe everyone will convert their Free Blurt into Smoke ???

I can’t keep up with all these Forks and Free money :




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This is sick, Blert sounds Perf! lol I might just convert some to smoke! Thanks for the info I hadn't heard the details until now!!


You will get a ton.... good timing as always.

Blurt already had the snapshots of stakes, let's just wait for the distribution by July 4, who doesn't want the free, lol😀


I wonder how many of these Steemit forks will be created now.... was the 1st.

We have:

Blurt ...

Weku too but it was a total scam. So many scams .....

Free money is good money even if it is complicated to get! I love free money!


If we can eventually convert to Bitcoin.

There is another one?


Yep.... people who are fed up with infighting and politics of Steem and Hive are forking out another one .... more free crypto for all your Steem