Crypto Versus Cannabis Stocks Update: Crypto winning ..... 22 % to 4 %

4 months ago

Here is an Update on my Crypto versus Cannabis Stocks that I started on February 14 2019 ...

As you can see from my original $2,700 Investment my Cryptos are up 22 %

Now worth $ 3,312

Thanks Mostly to the Rising price of Steem. I'm not sure of the Current Price of Smoke but According to the latest update on Rudex it's at .024

My Cannabis Stocks are up 4 % overall .... From $2,700 up to $2,831

Shopify and Cronos are my best stocks so far.

See the Chart below for more details.

#crypto #cannabis #stocks #canada

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Well that is a long game. If crypto winning for the time being, then it is not a problem because in the long run, cannabis will rock.


Well .... I have 24,000 Smoke tokens listed there so I am betting that Smoke Crypto is going to Smoke the Cannabis Stocks.


I am Hoping the Smoke Token goes to $100 some day. Then I can just retire and Smoke all day long. ...

I need to buy into this now.


Buy into which ones ? I made all my Crypto from Blogging .... Now, the Stocks I had to spend after Tax fiat. So it's nice to see that I made $ 3,312 out of nothing so far on my Cryptos ....

Since I have already paid 50 % taxes on the Money I have invested in the Stock Market - That's like I invested $5,000 pre-tax earnings ..... and when I cash out my Stock gains I will need to pay another 50 % taxes on them.... So no matter what the Crypto investments will win.


I guess that just shows how much I know about this type of shit.


The best thing you can do is to earn Crypto by blogging.... Here on and on Steemit.

This is all new to me but im going to get into this as much as I can.