Chatting with David Gokhstein about and other Crypto on Twitter

11 days ago

Hopefully he will set up a Smoke blog ...

Every Tweet and comment on Twitter in the Cannabis, Hemp, Health, Politics, or Cryptosphere is an opportunity to introduce someone to Smoke.

Why not eh ? Plug away....

What will you buy with your Crypto ?




#twitter #crypto #cars #smokeio #smokenetwork

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Forbes is a big name. To be in touch with someone from there could potentially be beneficial for this place. It all depends on how you go about it I suppose! I'm optimistic for things, at least now he's seen it exists and possibly checked it out. That's always good.


He’s interested in Steem and Hive ... he said he will check out after our tweet exchange .... . He has these impromptu Live Stream interviews and was looking for someone with an interesting Crypto Project to talk to last night. I said I would join in but couldn’t find the link in time. Maybe some Devs should follow him on Twitter and do an interview .... or I will do it myself.


His Live Stream Tweet here:

Awesome! This is great! The more the word is spread about this great place the more we grow! :)

Followed you all the way from Twitter


Awesome. Thanks.