I'd headed to Amsterdam for three months. What content would you like me to post on Smoke.io?

4 months ago

14222145_10153888438143857_198281382082496584_n.jpgHey smokeio tribe,

I'm headed to Amsterdam March-June. Anyone have any thoughts on a specific form of content you'd like to see? I'd like to sort of focus on something specific, rather than just "photos of Amsterdam and cannabis and me smoking it."

I could go with the route of coffeeshop pics and reviews, but I feel like that's been done many times, and I already know which coffeeshops are the best, so I don't waste my time at all the others anymore.

I could post public marijuana grows - these are all the people growing cannabis in their shops where it's also on display.

I could do it from an artistic photography angle and simply capture the heart of Amsterdam.

Anyone have any thoughts on what they'd like to see?

#Amsterdam #coffeeshops #cannabis #content #travel

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Plants on [public] display is always a great one. The Cannabis museum will probably still win that one.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands in general, is the place without window curtains after all.

Also coffee shop stories [and reviews].

Public marijuana grows from an artistic photography angle would do it for me and you could also mix with some posts with coffeeshop pics and reviews. I know it has been in other sites but here on smoke.io there hasn't been much yet and could be great for SEO for the site :)

I'd like to see you getting those coffee shops signed up on SMOKE... especially ones that are willing to ship good seeds and accept crypto as payment..

I'd like to see interviews about cannabis and crypto from people you get high with while you're there.

"I'm from smoke.io and my readers are curious about Amsterdamian thoughts on cannabis, Amsterdam and cryptocurrency - can I interview you for them"

of course, I like interviews and getting perspectives from people that live in very different places :)


This suggestion seems like the most realistically possible in the sense of getting the interviews, in the places which are perfect for pics. But I wouldn't transcribe the interview, so it'd either be an edited saved video, a live video, or audio. Any thoughts on how to best showcase interviews with pics on smoke.io without transcribing?


YouTube embed might do it if you do videos - but I'm not real positive how everything works around here just yet :)

Introduce us to alternative cannabis scene and concerts, events regarding it


I'll be there for the annual Cannabis Liberation Fest, so I'll cover that

I would genuinely love to see what a comic book shop looks like out there :D


Henk Comics is the big one https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/252129423/henks-comics-and-manga-store/?utm_source=ig_embed

If you're looking for a comic book that perfectly captures Amsterdam's essence, check out "Chad in Amsterdam" http://www.chadinamsterdam.nl


Love that comic shop, what a fun Instagram capturing just stuffs in the store. Lots of variety of geek in there too. Chad in Amsterdam looks like a great alt/indie comic! Thanks for the links, have a great time when you get out there!

I would love to see all the cannabis and hash you can get your hands on


That'll be easy!

You need a Smoke.io hat to wear wherever you go.... you can make your own on Zazzle... https://www.zazzle.com/smoke_io_trucker_hat-148960174522791942


I think I'm going to make something that looks like a press pass. One of those plastic things that hangs around my neck.

Damn that is sweet! COme tell us all about in on one of our shows!