Random Photo's From Around Valencia, Spain #3

7 months ago


As you can tell I have some free time on my hands. Normally I would be at work right now but we have no events this weekend so you guy's get two post from me today. Going back to the random #photo's post. It's summer as you can tell from the first photo so I have been at the beach a lot. next time I go I have to remember to get pictures before I go in the water because it's a mission afterwards. I also added some cannabis shoots as well. #Cannabis is always the topic here ;D even when your offtopic. In the future I might use less photo's so I can explain a bit what is in each #photo. But for now I'll keep being a lazy bastard. Let me know in the comments if you think that would be a better layout for these random photo blogs or should I just add lots of photo's? I like a lot of photo's better myself, I like looking at the photo's while #smoking the #reading comes after. That is if the photo's kept me around. For the second time today cya later and smoke on. You can also find me at MrTree420.com On IG Also on FB And Twitter On Steemit Follow me on Smoke.io. Need Seeds?

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Layout is good for me...i guess there's always lots of foto opportunities in valencia... i imagine it's quite a cool place to live?


It sure is. It's a huge blend of culture's it's hard to guess where people are from. Me being from the US when I walk the streets I think to myself a lot "these street have been here before my own country was even a thought". After smoking a joint or two you really get to thinking.