I've been kind of busy but never to busy to smoke...

9 months ago


The beginning of this post is going to be dedicated to @tecnosgirl .

I'll explain, yesterday I checked my mail like any other day but to my surprise I had a little something waiting for me, who was it from? The one and only @tecnosgirl when I opened the envelope I found a card with a cute kitten. That wasn't the best part, there was also a 100 pack of Elements rolling paper! FuCk YeAAAA! Were the first words out of my mouth lol. Some might now I have been living in Valencia, Spain for the pass two years. I have not been able to find Elements anywhere. The crazy thing is their made in Spain and people don't even know about them. Elements has been my favorite brand of rolling papers for some 8 years now so getting this pack was as close to winning the lottery to me. It's going to be hard to show how much I appreciate this unrated gesture of her. When I read her post on people trying to "cash out" winnings from one of her many weekly contest or I flipped. The first time I won before I thought of "cashing out" my gift so she wouldn't have to pay the shipping because it can be expensive sending stuff to Spain. I offered my win to be donated for the next weeks winner. She reused and sent it anyways :D I felt like an inmate getting a mail call for the first time in 5 years when I opened my mail box and got my first SmokeIo sawg. I just wanted to say THANK YOU and send some stoner love back to you. I'm also going to send you 42 smoke so you can pick 20 winners on your 420 Follower contest goor to do as you please with, these next 100 joints first hits are for you!

So now that, that's out of the way.

I've been a bit busy lately as I have been working on getting product to get my MrTree420 brand up and going. Soon will have our first product which are going to be hemp hearts. Basically hemp seeds ground up which are extreme healthy for you but I'm not going to pitch you right now :D save all that for another post. I have been spending long hours sending email and making calls to the point where I stay away from my computer when I'm done but I finally found a great farm to source organic hulled seeds, so me and my cpu have been getting on better terms. Like always I make time to smoke and I have some photo's to share of what I have been smoking so let's get to the good stuff.


I can't find Elements but I did find blunts wraps. I hate blunts but it reminded me of home so I bought a pack and it was as bad as I remembered it lol. I don't know what kind of cannabis is was. I bought it in the black market so yea.


I also found these dope Clipper Jet lighter with a torch instead of the normal lighter. You know I bought a few. I never seen these not sure if it's recent or just new to me but I love them.


In this photo is none other then the best #blackmarket #cannabis around here Matanuska. I have written a few reviews on this strain already so I won't bore you with another one. Still my favorite strain around here. It never fails to do it job and it never gets old to me.
As for #mygrow I have to say I have never been more disappointed in myself as I wasn't able to keep the cats from getting to my plants so from the 3 I had I ended up with one and that was from pure luck I say. I went on a 10 vacation which during that time the cats were home alone most the time or then when they came to feed them. When I got back they The wind had knocked off the plastic barrier I had put up around the plants leaving them exposed to the cats. Two of the 3 plants were dried up and had been dead for days but the third one was just flat like if the cats were rolling around on it and it was still green which gave me some hope for it. With a lot of care I have able to bring it back but seen it's an auto flower so it started flowering on me very small but at least it's alive.


The strain is called "no name" from medicalSeedS.co and I have to say these were the first seeds I got from this company and if it wasn't for my carelessness I believe these seed preformed to perfection. I bought A 5 pack and all 5 sprouted very easy. On the third photo I zoomed in and you can see the trichomes and the smell on this little plant is out of this world, I'm sure it would have become a problem if the plant was bigger. I might get a few grams which is better then nothing. I will be buying more of this seeds in the future to see what the strain can really do.

                                             Rolling gif.gif

Like always CYA later and smoke on. If you haven't you should check out our website MrTree420 We're on Twitter, Facebook and where it all started Instagram. Any question or comment feel free to ask. Thanks for the read.

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Those pesky stoner cats again!


It's really my fault but yea they did it.

Those of my favorite brand of papers too though normally I buy them in the 300 pack. But they were out last time I need papers but my neighbor owns the head shop so he gave me 3 packs of those for $1 a pack because he didn't have my normal purchase.


Your just awesome! SmokeIo wouldn't be the same without. I Hope your feeling better as well.


I am feeling better thanks for asking.

Wanna taste one day!
Just hoping for legalization