I suppose I should post something, right?

last year

Hello Smokers!

So a little about me, I have been on crypro based social sharing platforms for about a year and a half. Started on Steemit kind of dropped off there and moved to whaleshares.io. I run a Witness node for whaleshares and a full node with my friend @derangedvisions there to support the chain. We also have created the moonbase discord where we host a number of community initiatives. We host crypto college, photography classes, and will be hosting some markdown and html classes to support new users on their whaleshares journey.

I have met a few users of the smoke.io platform over on whaleshares like my fellow witnesses @skylinebuds @powerpicswitness, @chronocrypto, @beyondbitcoincas and @smokeasaurusrex @rawpride and I am sure a tonne that I am missing. I am from Ireland and weed s not legal here so I will not be issuing any personal details about myself. I do enjoy a nice toke when I am in a jurisdiction which does not punish people for enjoying the herb as it is intended. I do not partake while in a jurisdiction that decides to criminalise people who smoke. :wink:

Normally I would have a footer here letting you know that I have a witness but as I am new here I dont but feel free to drop a vote for the guys mentioned above, they are doing great things for the platform. Also I couldnt link any pictures as I am getting some invalid user error. I am sure I'll get the hang of it soon, LOL. Peace out Smokers! EDIT: my error, I had 2 tabs open on the platform, looks like that was my issue with image posting.
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#introduceyourself #secretsmoker #witness #justchillin

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Welcome to smoke mate!! photos uploading sometimes work funny, but you can use an external image hosting service, or steemit, maybe whaleshares?


Cheers man, Yeah I use imgur mostly for that. I think it was a user issue on my side to be honest. Thanks for the welcome. Glad to be here.

Nice to see you join smoke finally 😀.


Ha ha, yeah, I have had the account for ages but I never really got around to do anything with it man. I have to stay incognito mode here for obvious reasons but going to have a look around and see what its all about. Thanks for the welcome too my man. I might do some weed cookery or something...

I may look at getting a witness up and running. The table is looking kind of thin! Whats the current number on active witnesses? 40 ish? Any docs for setups? I am looking at a bitshares node but I could probably set this one up quick smart.


lol, my vote isnt worth 0.01 smoke... We'll have to fix that.


Let's chill together.


Thanks for the welcome man, Still finding my feet.

Dannnng. Good to see you posting here and thanks for the shoutout man😤


Well I figured I should hang with all the cool kids! LOL.

Good to be here man, looking forward to having some fun! All legally of course 😉


Most definitely legally, yes

Glad to have you here as part of our community. :)
Looking forward to seeing more posts from you! :P


Thanks man, looking forward to doing something here too. We should be able to incorporate smoke easily to our moonbase discord. Currently looking at witness info. Hopefully I can get something up and running quickly enough.

My UpSmoke is not worth much, but you can have it :)


Cheers Andy, witness coming soon. I appreciate your support man, cross platform!

Welcome bro


Cheers man.

Grand welcome dear @moonunit


Thanks oodeyaa, glad to finally be here!

Hi moonunit, welcome to the family and enjoy your stay

Well you certainly know all the right names to drop! All of the members you dropped are well known on this platform.

Welcome aboard, with the company you keep no doubt you have some interesting tid bits to add to this network.