I Purchased Cannabis seeds (15 Strains)! And I Bought it using my SMOKE Tokens!

6 months ago


Forgot to thank @Maryjane for the Paid with Smoke graphics!!! Thank you!!

Operation "Paid With Smoke" is a Success!

Ok. Before we get started. Let me just acknowledge that I initially planned to use my SMOKE power to buy these seeds, and I began testing the process of powering down.

Somewhere along the line, I decided that I wanted to keep my SMOKE power, and I had about 15k SMOKE that I bought after joining smoke.io. So I decided to use that.


1 ) Selling my SMOKE on Rudex

Ok. Another disclaimer. When I want to do something, I usually dive right in. If I make mistakes, I consider it a learning experience. So with that in mind (insert "I have no idea what I'm doing" dog meme), here's me selling my SMOKE for BTS and some USD I think? And eventually getting it over to BTC.

Weee!! I'm a Whale!!

Exchanges (and market prices) seemed so complex to me at first. But I remember the first time I bought SMOKE tokens on Bitshares. I made a big green candle, and watched as the price went up as I continued to buy more.

It was such a simple illustration/ example of how the price of a coin (or anything traded) gets moved.

In this case, I could see that there were only a limited number of buyers willing to pay a decent price for SMOKE.

So around 0.7 BTS / SMOKE became 0.6 BTS/SMOKE. Then 0.5 BTS/SMOKE. And by the time everything was said and done, the price dipped into the 0.4s!!


Then as the price went down, I could see that orders on the buy side were getting executed and the price would jump back up a little bit.

Very fascinating stuff.

2 ) The Shopping Cart

I ended up using GYO seedbank because they sell 1 packs, and it allowed me to get a lot more strains.


3 ) Amount due: 0.04121123 BTC

I really don't want to try to do the exact math, but I'm going to estimate that I spent about 7000 SMOKE to buy this. I think I posted all the transactions above if anyone wants to try to verify this.

It's a lot more than I thought it would cost, but I honestly couldn't be happier. It's so amazing that I am actually earning SMOKE that I can use to buy things.


I also missed a pic here, but there was just a little box saying to transfer the BTC with a 20 minute timer.

After I successfully transferred the BTC, the box updated to this ->


4 ) Success!! The Thank You Page!!!

And here's my list of seeds



And I hope I don't become the guy who paid 7000 SMOKE for seeds (like the BTC pizza guy) lol.

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I’m sorry to tell you but:

And I hope I don't become the guy who paid 7000 SMOKE for seeds (like the BTC pizza guy)

Yes, you will. Because SMOKE has very low inflation and thus built-in scarcity. Currently there’s only 27k SMOKE in the pool pending, which is for 7 days.

But worry not, you still have a decent stake so can grow and stay ahead as we are still early stage trailblazers.

But thanks for contributing to the Smoke lore nevertheless. :D

Congratulations. I hope in future there will be a site where we can buy cannabis directly using SMOKE without the need for an exchange :)


You bet there will. More than one even.

Paid with smoke, sounds really amazing.

And I hope I don't become the guy who paid 7000 SMOKE for seeds (like the BTC pizza guy)

Lol, this really got me, but seriously that's just the truth. I believe there is still time to stake up more smokes. 👍

I bought some decals off another user using smoke. I didn't have to transfer it to another coin thankfully. It is cool af to buy stuff with smoke.

That's Awesome!! ❤ Great stamp btw :)


Definitely an awesome stamp! Some super talented and generous person made it!! They are pretty awesome!

I was in the middle of making a smoothie and remembered I forgot to thank you!!! SO thanks!!


You're very welcome!! ❤

Thanks for does smoke coin I think you filled most of my buy orders on rudex. And hope u get your seeds on time before the price of smoke moon.

What a great idea

Lustful Babalon.jpg

Being able to order with #crypto
is always a plus in my book!

Great review, think I will be ordering,


Do they import to Africa? i will need some seed OG kush. Want to start my mini grow room. lastly, can i get the link to the site you bought the seeds?

Awesome that you did this.. maybe next time but sells up not dump the market to do this 😁