question about automatic upsmoking

7 months ago


how we can have a automatic up smoking here ? can you please give me the link .

thank you

puff puff 😍

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I think the current community vibe is “no to automation services” but no problem if someone makes their own DIY solution.

The biggest issue being niche is that we need to maintain topical focus. Automated upsmokes are the perfect excuse for people to post whatever, which will then become a deterrent for future businesses to join. Why would a cannabis biz consider SMOKE if the rewards are shared on whatever content and the feeds are full of unrelated content by not canna-contributing members?

Automated voting services make curation much harder and will require the most active, and influential, curators to hand out flags to counter the automation on crap content. Additionally, they will invite all crossposters who now left to come over because they can easily circle jerk automated upsmokes and enjoy SMOKE.

Automation also harms the interaction. Plus, creators may take the automated votes for granted and forget to actually make an effort.

I also made my own, then promptly deleted it when I started voting shitty posts.


You could always trail one of the trusted curators. Our witness account trails my own upsmoke in order to not let that always growing stake sit idle and instead actually reward creators.

In order not to loose too much curation rewards, better if find a low stakeholder active quality curator. Surely they exist, but the inconvenience is that unless they have considerably smaller stake than you, you lose out on possible frontrunning boni.


Following a curation trail is a good idea 👍


As long as it’s DIY/self-hosted and not a service, thus small in scale, I think it’s the lesser of evils and can actually be a positive if done first to reward rather than the automated voting scripts to maximize curation we’ve seen at work.

If additionally the script has excluded comment upsmokes, the risk that a curator may be tempted to milk their trail with stealth last day comment selfvotes is non-existent too.

But I wouldn’t like to see a “SmokeAuto”. Scale kills [comment] interaction.

THANK you guys ,, sure ! i will do it manually myself , thanks for your nice comments and help 😍

People have made their own, but you're better doing it manually and interacting with posts through the comments than solely relying on the curation rewards. Don't want to upvote bad posts now, eh? 😉

I made my own bot, I would be interested to see what comes up in the links below, lol . I’m not sharing mine anymore, too dangerous! lol